State Police Trooper I

Chesterfield, VA
Virginia Department of State Police

The Virginia Department of State Police is recruiting for qualified applicants for the position of State Police Trooper. EARN WHILE YOU LEARN. Qualified candidates accepted to the Training Academy will be paid a salary of $44,290, to include an elaborate benefits package. Upon graduation, the annual salary may be increased based on work location. Also, candidates are supplied all equipment and uniforms, including a take home car. Upon successful completion of the probationary period, the annual salary will be increased. Candidates are also eligible, with tenure, for promotional and career progression opportunities including the opportunity to serve in many exciting specialty positions across the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Hiring Range $44,290


The duties include but are not limited to: enforcing the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia; investigating criminal and traffic offenses; effecting arrests; communicating effectively both orally and in writing; testifying in court; safely operating a law enforcement vehicle; effectively interviewing individuals; performing lifesaving functions; safely and effectively utilizing firearms; performing effective searches of people and property; and reading and comprehending a variety of legal and administrative documents.


The minimum qualifications for State Trooper are:
*applicants must be residents in a state east of the Mississippi within the continental United States;
*military applicants must live in or home of record must be in one of the states east of the Mississippi;
*must be at least 21 years of age on date of hire;
*must be a high school graduate or have a GED;
*college coursework and/or related experience PREFERRED;
*must be a United States citizen on day of testing;
*must successfully pass all pre-employment testing;
*must be of good character and reputation as established by an extensive background investigation to include but not limited to: a polygraph examination, educational achievements, prior work experience, character and reputation, credit history and police record;
*must be in possession of a valid driver’s license and a good driving record;
*must be willing to relocate anywhere in the state based on department needs;
*must be willing to travel at your own expense to Virginia State Police Headquarters located at 7700 Midlothian Turnpike, North Chesterfield, VA 23235 to complete testing throughout the pre-employment process, and while in a training status;
*must possess at least 20/20 binocular vision, corrected and uncorrected, and if uncorrected visual acuity is 20/100 or better binocular and 20/200 or better in worse eye;
*meet minimum requirements for color vision test with or without corrected lens(es);
*must be capable of hearing normal frequencies of 500, 1000, 2000, and 3000 hertz at a pure tone level of 25 decibels or less and no greater than a 45 decibels at 4000 and 6000 hertz when checked by the Audiometer Test;
*weight must in proportion to height by phase III (trooper medical) – see chart;
*must be willing to work rotating shifts, holidays and weekends;
*must be in compliance with the department’s tattoo and body modification policies