Special Agent – Law Enforcement or Military Veteran Background

Federal Bureau of Investigation

As an FBI Special Agent with a military or law enforcement background, your tactical skills, leadership, integrity, teamwork and dedication are key. We’re looking for detectives, military backgrounds (Special Forces, explosives, WMD, intelligence) and pilots (helicopter and fixed-wing). You may also join the Hostage Rescue Team (HRT), the Special Agent Bomb Tech (SABT) Program and the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team.

Closing Date: 1/29/2021
Salary: $62,556 to $80,721 per year


Wherever you may be working now, we need your expertise! Motivated individuals from a wide range of military and law enforcement backgrounds have become Special Agents. We're looking for experts from all specialty areas to create a diverse, high-functioning, multidisciplinary team that can stay ahead of threats. Your ultimate mission: to protect the American people and uphold the Constitution of the United States.

Being a Special Agent can be a lifelong career of uncommon days and amazing experiences.

What you'll need to succeed:

  • An ability to think on your feet and be a team player.
  • A high-level of physical fitness necessary to effectively respond to life-threatening situations on the job.

In addition:

  • Exceptional problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Be detail-oriented, yet keep a strategic focus.
  • Ability to objectively evaluate information and make sound judgments.
  • Honesty and integrity must be the foundation of who you are.
  • The drive and commitment to make a difference in the communities you serve.


You must:
• Be a U.S. citizen.
• Be at least 23 years old and not have reached your 37th birthday on appointment.
• Have a bachelor's degree or master's degree from a U.S.-accredited college or university.
• Be able to obtain a Top Secret Clearance.
• Have two years of full-time professional work experience (see work experience waiver for exceptions).
• Meet the FBI's Employment Eligibility requirements.
• Possess a valid driver's license with at least six months driving experience.

The Special Agent Selection System (SASS) is a mentally and physically challenging process designed to find only the most capable applicants. For more information about the SASS, physical fitness requirements and work experience waivers, please visit: https://fbijobs.gov/career-paths/special-agents.

BA/BS degree from a U.S.-accredited college or university.