Special Agent – Cyber Security/Technology Background

Federal Bureau of Investigation

The FBI is looking for Special Agents experienced in network, information and cyber security, computer science, digital forensics and incident response among other technical specialties. Counterterrorism, criminal investigations, cyberattacks and investigating computer-based crimes are some of our top priorities. You will work on highly collaborative teams to thwart counterintelligence plots, fraud, bank robberies and more.

Closing Date: 10/23/2020

Salary: $62,556 to $80,721 per year


You can expect continued specialized training once on board and opportunities to work on some of the Bureau's most complex cases. The scope and scale of our investigations provide unique challenges unlike anything you could work on in the private sector. Your ultimate mission: to protect the American people and uphold the Constitution of the United States.

Being a Special Agent can be a lifelong career of uncommon days and amazing experiences. Here's what you'll need to succeed:
• Exceptional problem-solving and analytical skills.
• A deep understanding of the deployment, administration and support of information and computing infrastructure.
• Ability to communicate clearly and effectively with both technical and nontechnical colleagues and stakeholders, both internally and externally.
• Ability to be detail-oriented, yet keep a strategic focus.
• Ability to objectively evaluate information and make sound judgments.
• BA/BS degree in information technology, forensic science, computer technology or similar disciplines.
• Honesty and integrity must be the foundation of who you are.
• Demonstrated technical expertise and problem-solving ability.
• The drive and commitment to make a difference in the communities you serve.


  • Be at least 23 years old and not have reached your 37th birthday on appointment.
  • Have two years of full-time professional work experience (see work experience waiver for exceptions).
  • Possess a valid driver's license with at least six months of driving experience.
  • Meet the FBI's Employment Eligibility requirements.
  • Meet all FBI physical requirements, be physically fit to complete training at the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA, and maintain a high level of fitness throughout your career.


  • BA/BS degree in information technology, forensic science, computer technology or similar disciplines.