Special Agent

Spokane, WA
Washington State Gambling Commission

The Washington State Gambling Commission (WSGC) is recruiting for a full-time Special Agent within our Licensing, Regulation and Enforcement Division. Special Agents are limited jurisdiction law enforcement officers and are exempt from state civil service rules.

Special Agents of the Regulatory Unit are responsible for conducting regulatory and criminal investigations under RCW Chapter 9.46 and WAC Title 230 throughout Washington in coordination with federal, state, and local law enforcement and regulatory agencies. The position will be assigned to our Spokane field office. Agents will be required to reside within 35 miles of Spokane, Washington.

As a Washington State law enforcement officer, Special Agents are required to complete a basic law enforcement academy. If you do not currently hold a law enforcement certification, you will have the opportunity to attend Basic Law Enforcement Academy through the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center.

Special Agent starting salary ranges from $55,116 – $70,548 annually, depending upon your education and experience, with steady increases up to a maximum of $77,916 annually.


Special Agents are based throughout the state and are assigned to a geographic area. Special Agents travel within their assigned region on a daily basis as they conduct Gambling Commission business.

Special Agents investigate criminal cases for the prosecution of illegal gambling activities and gambling related crimes. Illegal gambling activities include, but are not limited to, cheating, theft, crimes related to fraud, professional gambling, unlawful ownership of a gambling device, unlicensed gambling, sports betting, illegal card games, and other illegal contests of chance.

Special Agents regulate licensed gambling and provide technical assistance to gambling operations while working with numerous licensee groups and law enforcement agencies. The common licensed forms of gambling that Special Agents regulate are Card Rooms, Pull Tabs, Raffles, Bingo, Fund Raising Events, and Amusement games. Special Agents also respond to complaints submitted to the agency and provide education and training to both the public and licensees.


Required Education & Experience
• A Four Year Degree (BA/BS), OR
• AA Degree, with two (2) or more years of related work experience*, OR
• Four (4) or more years as a commissioned law enforcement officer with a High School Diploma or GED.

*Related work experience must be in auditing, accounting, regulatory work, a commissioned law enforcement officer, investigating fraud, or investigative work specific to government or the gaming industry.