Recruit Police Officers

Fairbanks, AK
Fairbanks Police Department

The Recruit Police Officer position is responsible for the protection of life and property through enforcing statutes and laws; rendering emergency assistance to the public in a wide variety of situations; patrolling residential, rural, and business areas of the City; performing standard crime and accident prevention duties; apprehending criminals; serving arrest warrants; issuing citations for violations of City ordinances and State statutes; identifying and recovering stolen property; investigating traffic accidents and crimes; and deciding whether to arrest or not, as well as when to use force or firearms.

$26.00 Hourly


  • Patrol designated areas of the City in a patrol vehicle or on foot to prevent, deter and discover crime.
  • Enforce traffic and criminal statutes and laws.
  • Issue citations to violators of City ordinances or State statutes and arrest persons on misdemeanor or felony charges, as well as handcuff and search arrested persons and take them into custody as warranted.
  • Respond to reports of possible crime and take initial action as the situation requires to secure the scene by administering first aid; arresting suspects; interviewing available victims and/or witnesses to gather evidence; complete incident and arrest reports.
  • Investigate persons suspected of being engaged in crime; ascertain and secure evidence pertaining to the alleged crime; arrest suspects for probable cause in felonies, and request specialized assistance as needed.
  • Respond to and investigate automobile accidents by assisting drivers or pedestrians who appear to be hurt or in trouble with emergency first aid, summoning necessary emergency medical assistance, interviewing principals and witnesses, making general drawings of the accident scenes, noting details, completing standard accident reports, issuing citations, or taking principals into custody as the situation warrants.
  • Investigate family disputes and reports of maltreatment of children by interviewing persons with complaints or inquiries, providing information on laws and ordinances, attempting to resolve the problem, taking principals into custody as needed, or referring them to appropriate agencies such as juvenile and medical authorities.
  • Perform specialized duties depending on the individual officer's background and abilities and on the needs of the department by patrolling and searching areas of the City, or serving as a member of a special Drug Investigation Team in conducting investigations of narcotics and other major crimes.
  • Serve as a liaison between the community and the department for educating the community in crime prevention through speaking engagements and films.
  • Locate and serve warrants and other official court documents to offenders.


  • Successfully complete all required pre-employment and post-employment background, physical, written, polygraph, and psychological examinations.
  • Physical strength and agility sufficient to perform the work of the position.
  • Be at least 21 years of age by the date of hire, and a U. S. citizen.
  • Have graduated from an accredited high school or possess a GED equivalent, preferably supplemented by additional college level courses related to criminal justice.
  • Possess or obtain within 14 months of employment (or employee may be terminated) a Basic Alaska Police Standards Council certificate upon completion of the Police Academy and required period of service. Preference may be given to applicants who have previously obtained a Basic Alaska Police Standards Council certificate and higher. They may also be able to enter the department through a modified entry program.
  • Not have a history of mental or emotional disorders; must be drug free.
  • Meet the minimum physical fitness requirements established as necessary for the performance of the duties of this position as determined by a medical professional during an employer sponsored physical examination; and must maintain an adequate level of physical fitness required to perform the essential job requirements.
  • Successfully pass a hearing examination; possess normal color discrimination, binocular coordination, peripheral vision and corrected visual acuity of 20/30 or better in each eye.
  • Possess, or have the ability to obtain, a valid first aid and CPR card as issued by an agency authorized by the State of Alaska.
  • Possess and maintain a valid State of Alaska driver's license and a safe driving record prior to and throughout the duration of employment.
  • Meet required entrance standards set by the Alaska Police Standards Council or a certified Police Academy.