Public Information Officer / Police Recruiter

Hardeeville, SC
Hardeeville Police Department

Salary: $53,935.00 – $80,903.00 Annually.

Position Summary:

We are seeking a highly motivated and skilled individual to join our team as a Public Information Officer (PIO) and Police Recruiter. This dual role requires exceptional communication skills, a strong understanding of public relations and marketing strategies, and the ability to effectively attract and engage prospective police candidates. As a PIO, you will be responsible for managing and disseminating information to the public, media, and internal stakeholders. As a Police Recruiter, you will play a vital role in attracting, assessing, and selecting qualified candidates to join our police force.

Essential Functions:

  • Serve as the primary media contact and spokesperson for the department.
  • Write, edit, and distribute press releases, news stories, and other media communications.
  • Prepare and deliver speeches, presentations, and interviews on behalf of the police department.
  • Manage the recruitment process from screening applications to conducting interviews and background checks.
  • Develop and implement public relations strategies to promote a positive public image of the police department.
  • Develop recruitment strategies and implement targeted campaigns to attract qualified candidates to our police force.
  • Organize and participate in recruitment events, informational sessions, and ride-along opportunities to engage with prospective candidates.
  • Utilize various recruitment methods, such as job fairs, college campuses, networking events, and social media platforms, to reach potential candidates.


  • Candidates must have a high school diploma or GED, or higher academic certification. University degrees aren’t necessary for working in this profession. Those with a degree in higher education will be taken into consideration.
  • Must have 3 years of certified law enforcement experience.
  • Training and Certifications in this area of law enforcement preferred.
  • Consideration may be given for advanced certifications relating to investigations.