Property Crime Scene Technician

Pflugerville, TX
Pflugerville Police Department

The Pflugerville Police Department is now hiring



$20.26 – $25.32 per hour

Final Filing Date

Open until filled


  • Store and retrieve all property and evidence collected, seized, or kept by the police department assuring a continuous chain of custody.
  • Maintain all records related to property and evidence.
  • Maintain asset inventory for the police department.
  • Manage the delivery of evidence to and from court, laboratories, prosecutor's offices and other locations.
  • Maintain knowledge of the law and policies regarding the management, including the process for final disposition of evidence and property.
  • Ensure that all audits and inventories are conducted as per policy.
  • Ensure that all property is fully researched and disposed of as per statutes and policy.
  • Write accurate and concise reports regarding the actions taken.
  • Provide technical support and training, pertaining to evidence and property handling, for all divisions within the Police Department.
  • Arrange for abandoned or forfeited property and evidence to go to auction.
  • Testify as required in court regarding the retention and chain of custody of evidence.
  • Other duties as assigned.


• Formal Education: Bachelor's degree in criminal justice, forensic or related field.
• Relatable Work Experience: N/A
• Training (Licenses(s) and/or Certification(s): N/A