Probationary Police Officer

Boerne, TX
Boerne Police Department

Annual Salary: $59,142 – $73,928 DOE

The Boerne Police Department works with citizens to protect life and property, prevent crime, and preserve peace in the community. Our mission is to treat people with dignity, fairness, and respect while operating in a transparent manner consistent with the freedoms secured by the Constitution.

Through our actions and initiatives, we strive to demonstrate the values of integrity, justice, service, trust, and responsibility. This commitment is evidenced by the Boerne Police Department’s designation as a Recognized Law Enforcement Agency.

Essential Duties

  • Patrols an assigned area, by vehicle or on foot, to prevent crimes and enforce laws and ordinances.
  • Responds to emergency calls and routine complaints and disturbances, including domestic disputes and burglar alarms, and takes necessary action, including performing first aid.
  • Directs traffic, escorts traffic, operates traffic radar monitoring equipment, and issues traffic citations.
  • Investigates traffic accidents and crimes against persons and property.
  • Questions witnesses, complainants, and suspects, and takes statements and depositions.
  • Serves warrants and makes arrests.
  • Keeps records of activities and makes reports concerning crimes, complaints, accidents, and investigations.
  • Appears in court as required.
  • Shares information and works with other law enforcement agencies as directed and appropriate.
  • Conducts security checks of businesses and residential areas on patrol route.
  • Performs upkeep and simple maintenance of department vehicles.
  • Assists emergency medical personnel, firefighters, and Animal Control Officers.
  • Fosters good police-community relations among residents in the community.
  • Assists in criminal investigations, including sexual assault cases, child abuse cases, and homicides.
  • Tags and logs evidence.


High school graduation, or its equivalent, plus at least two years of related police experience (some college work in law enforcement preferred) or any equivalent combination of experience and training that provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities, and satisfies state requirements. Participate and successfully complete the Field Training Program during the time allotted. Must demonstrate the ability to adequately perform the job of police officer prior to completion of introductory period of employment.


Basic Certification by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education (TCOLE), Valid Texas driver’s license. See Police Career Plan. May serve as the department’s medical office requiring a minimum Basic Life Support Certificate.