Probation and Parole Officer

West Virginia Statewide
WV Department of Corrections
Salary: $24,912.00-$46,092.00 Annually

Employee performs work, in investigating, counseling and providing continuous supervision for adult or juvenile probationers or parolees to assist in their social and personal adjustment. Duties might include: Investigates background histories of probationers or parolees; Reviews court files, police reports and other pertinent reports to gather information. Investigates activities of probationers or parolees to ascertain their level of readjustment. Interviews clients’ family members, friends, employers, ministers and other persons concerned with client’s readjustment to society. Supervises and counsels probationers or parolees via office visits, employment visits, telephone inquiries, community contacts and correspondence. Writes reports detailing client’s progress and other reports as necessary. Enforces rules, regulations and conditions of client’s probation or parole.

Work may involve close contact with troubled individuals with a history of serious and sometimes violent crime. You may be required to testify in court concerning matters pertaining to clients such as sentencing, trials, pleas and violations of probation or parole conditions. Employee may contact community resources to arrange services for probationers or parolees for job development and other services.

Salary $24,912.00 – $46,092.00 Annually


Your application will not be accepted if you do not meet stated minimum requirements. Note: There is NO substitution for the 4-year college degree requirement.

Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited four-year college or university in Business Administration, Public Administration, Business Management, Management, Political Science, Industrial Relations/Management, Organizational Behavior/Management, Psychology, Sociology, Criminal Justice, Corrections, Social Work or closely related field.

Condition of Employment with Division of Corrections:
Firearms are to be distributed at the discretion of the Commissioner of the West Virginia Division of Corrections and anyone authorized to carry a firearm must successfully complete a psychological evaluation prior to issuance.
Incumbents authorized to carry a firearm must meet annual training requirements established through the West Virginia Corrections Academy.