Post-Certified Police Officer I, II or III

Federal Heights, CO
Federal Heights Police Department
Salary: $48,513/year

Please only apply if you are Post-Certified

Police Officer I

Starting – $58,252, Step 1 – $62,419, Step 2 – $66,586, Step 3 – $70,753, Step 4 – $74,920, Step 5 – $79,087

Police Officer II

Starting – $60,852, Step 1 – $66,165, Step 2 – $71,478, Step 3 – $76,790, Step 4 – $82,103, Step 5 – $87,416

Police Officer III

Starting – $65,241, Step 1 – $70,903, Step 2 – $76,565, Step 3 – $82,227, Step 4 – $87,889, Step 5 – $93,551

Performs a variety of law enforcement services including patrolling streets and other public places on an assigned shift/ performs activities associated with investigations and crime prevention; write detailed police reports; collects physical evidence. Protects and preserves crime scenes. May photograph and/or sketch crime scenes and accidents; assists with filing cases, testifies in court.


Provides information, assistance or directions to the public; performs a variety of public relations and public education duties. Intervenes in disputes, apprehends suspects, makes arrests, issues citations, identifies witnesses, conducts preliminary investigations, and reestablishes law and order at the scene Prepares documentation of activities performed and information gathered. Follows-up on cases

Responds to calls for assistance, including assaults, fights, domestic disturbances, thefts, traffic accidents and traffic control, and other criminal or civil complaints; transports prisoners to detention facilities as necessary. Interacts with other jurisdictions, law enforcement agencies and courts of law. Performs additional duties as assigned.


Minimum Requirements
o Knowledge of applicable City County, State and Federal statues, regulations, ordinances and codes.
o Knowledge of and ability to apply appropriate self defense techniques.
o Skill and proficiency in proper use of firearms and weapons.
o Skilled in the safe operation of assigned police vehicles.
o Ability to prepare accurate and concise reports and records that may be used as evidence in courts of law.
o Ability to use standard computer equipment and software including data base management, spreadsheet applications, etc.
o Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with City management, employees, other law enforcement agencies, citizens and the general public.
o Must have a high school diploma or equivalent.
o Minimum of 21 years of age at the time of appointment.
o Must be certified as a Colorado Peace Officer.

Additional Qualifications:
o No felony convictions
o Must pass thorough background investigation including drug screen, voice stress analysis, psychological evaluation, review of driving record and pre-employment (post job offer) physical examination.
o Valid Colorado Drivers License and good driving record