Police Training and Recruitment Coordinator (Sworn Officer)

Wilmington, NC
University of North Carolina Wilmington

Position Summary:

Police Officers are responsible for enforcing state and local laws and campus regulations. Employees are empowered with full law enforcement authority and are charged with the responsibility of apprehension of criminal offenders, criminal investigation, traffic enforcement and serving of warrants and summons. Officers have jurisdiction on all property that is owned, operated and/or controlled by the university. Officers are responsible for deterring crime, maintaining the peace, and protecting lives and property by such means as high visibility patrol, intervention in criminal acts in progress and investigation of criminal violations.

Officers apply the laws relating to the rights of suspects, search, and seizure, maintaining the chain of evidence, arrest authority, and the appropriate use of force. Officers apply the methods, procedures, and practices used in investigation, complaints filed (orally or in writing) and alleged violations of campus regulations, local, state, and federal statutes. Officers apply emergency response principles and techniques; maintain proficiency in the use of firearms, and other equipment used in enforcement and investigative activities, operate communications equipment and DCI equipment.


  • Minimum of an associate degree AND 2 years’ experience as a sworn local, state or federal law enforcement officer.
  • Certification as a Law Enforcement Officer in accordance with the provisions of the North Carolina Criminal Justice Training and Standards Commission or the ability to achieve lateral transfer certification within one year of employment.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Associates degree or higher and some experience with a campus environment.
  • Prior certification as a law enforcement officer or military police experience.
  • Prior investigation experience.
  • Certification and experience as a North Carolina General Instructor and Specialized instructor.
  • Experience with Police Officer Recruitment.
  • Experience with ACADIS training portal.
  • Experience as a Law Enforcement Training Coordinator.