Police Services Officer I

Tustin, CA
Tustin Police Department

Salary: $4,922.67 – $6,460.13 Monthly.

Open until filled

Position Summary:

Police Services Officers provide support to sworn police officers by performing a combination of field and office duties that do not require sworn peace officer authority. Duties are primarily focused on responding to lower risk calls for service, data collection, problem resolution, and serving as a departmental liaison with the community and law enforcement agencies. Incumbents may be tasked with a wide variety of civilian assignments such as Front Desk Officer, Detective Bureau Case Investigator, Court Liaison Officer, Crime Scene Investigator, Background Investigator, Traffic Accident Investigator, Field Report Officer, and Community Resources Officer. Distinctions between classification levels in the Police Services Officer series can be expressed in terms of the required technical expertise, complexity of assigned tasks, and scope of responsibility. Appointment is generally made at the entry level, though placement may be made at any level depending on the City’s needs and applicant qualifications.

Essential Functions:

  • Provides technical assistance to the public at the front desk and over the telephone; evaluates and processes disturbance calls, complaints, and requests for police services; gathers information, documents complaints, and prepares routine crime reports; directs callers to other departmental personnel or other agencies as appropriate.
  • Verifies and signs citation corrections; collects and processes fees; registers sex, narcotic, and arson offenders or registrants.
  • Assists with field investigations of crime scenes; protects crime scenes from contamination; takes photographs, obtains latent fingerprints, obtains blood samples, and collects other related property and evidence; interviews witnesses, victims, and suspects, with assistance from sworn personnel; examines and processes evidence on scene and at the Police Department.
  • Conducts or assists with field investigations of traffic collisions, including injury and non-injury accidents and hit-and-run incidents; conducts interviews of accident principals and witnesses; performs traffic control by directing and re-routing traffic due to traffic accidents, signal outages, and special events; administers preferred parking program.
  • Assists with investigations for cases involving fraud, domestic violence, embezzlement, and other crimes; identifies, locates, and interviews complainants and witnesses to obtain case information and leads; contacts private attorneys, the District Attorney’s office, banking officials, victims, witnesses, and suspects to obtain information.
  • Develops and implements community relations, public education, and crime prevention programs for neighborhoods, schools, businesses, and civic organizations; prepares and presents public presentations and written informational materials; assists with department tours, exhibits, and special events; serves as a liaison between the Police Department and other city departments, public agencies, and the local community.
  • Patrols areas of the City to enforce parking regulations and issue citations; reports and resolves observed traffic hazards; initiates impound action on vehicles in violation of codes; provides assistance to stranded motorists.
  • Provides court liaison services; files cases with the District Attorney’s office for processing; obtains arrest warrants and delivers subpoenas; tracks cases at the District Attorney’s office; notifies police officers of scheduled court appearances.
  • Receives, searches, fingerprints, books, photographs, supervises, and completes record checks of incoming prisoners; maintains physical control of prisoners using minimal restraint techniques; performs security, safety, and heath checks of prisoners in holding facilities; releases prisoners by issuing citations, receiving bail or transporting them to the County jail.
  • Researches information for citizens and employees, and to assist with the completion of investigations and reports; investigates complaints and issues citations for violations of laws, codes, and ordinances.
  • Drives a marked department vehicle to and from accidents, crime scenes, meetings, and events.
  • Prepares and processes a variety of reports, forms, citations, applications, and permits; types, compiles, and tabulates basic statistical and financial data; tracks status of cases and warrants; maintains related files and records.
  • Testifies and presents evidence in court proceedings and depositions as necessary.


  • Graduation from high school, supplemented by college-level course work in criminal justice, public relations, or a closely related field. One (1) year of law enforcement related experience is desirable.
  • Possession of a valid California Class C driver’s license and an acceptable driving record.
  • A valid California Law Enforcement Teletype Systems (CLETS) certificate is required within three (3) months of employment.
  • Satisfactory results from a background investigation, physical examination, and administrative screening.
  • Required to work rotating shifts that are typically ten (10) or twelve and one-half (12 ½) hours per day and which may include evenings, weekends, and holidays.
  • May be placed on official standby for emergencies and courtroom testimonies.
  • Bilingual skills are highly desirable.