Police Recruit (Bilingual and Non-Bilingual)

Santa Ana, CA
Santa Ana Police Department
Salary: $64,584.00-$78,504.00 Annually

The City of Santa Ana is looking for individuals who are results-oriented, possess great attitudes, demonstrate creativity and innovation, work efficiently, show a record of success and have a PASSION for public service. Having the best employees provides the best service to the community.

Police Recruits are non-sworn (civilian) employees who attend a police academy to prepare for a career in law enforcement. Upon successful completion of this training, they are sworn in as Police Officers at a salary of $6768 – $8229 per month (reflects base salary only, does not include pay additives such as bilingual pay, senior officer pay, etc).

Police Officers are key participants in a partnership with the City and community to identify and resolve crime problems affecting the quality of life of all residents. This community support and the diversity of cultures in Santa Ana make it an exciting and demanding place to work.

$64,584.00 – $78,504.00 Annually

11/30/2018 11:59 PM Pacific


Successful officers are characterized by the ability to make sound decisions which are based on fact, not emotion, quickly and repeatedly throughout the day. They demonstrate a strong sense of fairness and the ability to apply both the spirit and letter of the law within legal parameters of discretion. With a genuine concern for the safety of the community and the quality of life of its citizens, successful Police Officers are alert and ready to take action. They enjoy both working alone and as an integral part of a team effort. Ideal candidates are proficient in writing reports and handling paperwork and willingly work varying shifts, weekends and holidays.

Minimum Qualifications
To be further considered, all applicants must meet all requirements defined by P.O.S.T. in addition to those set forth by our agency. One year of work experience in any field, A.A. or B.A. degree, and/or military experience is highly desirable. 

Bilingual fluency is not required at this time. Applicants interested in receiving bilingual pay upon completion of the academy must be fluent in both English and any one of the following languages: Spanish, Vietnamese, Samoan, Hmong, Korean, or Cambodian.