Police Real Time Crime Center Operator

Farmington, NM
Farmington Police Department

Salary: $19.9167 – $30.9706 per hour.

Open Until Filled

Position Summary:

Works under the direction of the Real-Time Crime Center (RTCC) Sergeant. Collects, manipulates, interprets, and analyzes data for the preparation and dissemination of reports on a wide variety of crime events, crime trends, criminal associations, criminal transactions, and predictive crime prevention processes; identifies crime patterns associated with time, location, and modus operandi similarities; identifies geographic “hotspots” of criminal activity through GIS resources and provides timely, mapping and imagery depicting such identified geographic locales.

In conjunction with the Department’s IT unit, evaluates, develops, and recommends relevant data input and retrieval processes that will result in sound data management and effective analyses in order to facilitate the timely acquisition and dissemination of relevant information for the purpose of enhancing crime prevention techniques, the identification of criminal enterprises, facilitating criminal investigations and prosecutions, enhancing the identification and return of stolen property.

Essential Functions:

  • Reviews, monitors and obtains data and information from open sources, internal and external record systems, databases, law enforcement restricted intelligence networks, police reports, media outlets, social media platforms, interagency communications, and other sources of law enforcement origins while gleaning relevant information from such sources for use in crime analysis functions, including identifying information gaps and future collection requirements.
  • Frequently attends, participates in, and instructs officers, department employees, citizens, civilians, elected officials, and administrators during briefings, meetings, conferences, and trainings as a subject matter expert in the field of crime analysis; effectively utilizes departmental communication and correspondence venues to provide relevant, timely analysis and information to those tasked with impacting the occurrence of crime; responds to departmental queries for analysis, information, statistics, and data surrounding crime and the departmental response to crime.
  • Produces reports and publications, or assists in the creation of such, including annual reports, strategic plans, divisional and unit reports, time-sensitive (periodic) reports and custom reports.
  • Assists police administrators, managers, and supervisors in identifying appropriate responses to criminal activities, trends, predictable crime occurrences; facilitates development of tactical plans and strategies for responding to, and preventing, the occurrence of crime; provides statistical analysis in support of personnel and deployment allocations. Analyzes criminal intelligence information to predict the capabilities and vulnerabilities of investigative strategies.
  • Participates and integrates crime analysis as a vital part of the goals of the Real-Time Crime Center. The Real-Time Crime Center utilizes technological software and hardware to effectively and efficiently evaluate crime analysis and criminal intelligence to provide situational awareness to responding patrol officers and increase awareness, intelligence, and solvability of crime to investigators.
  • Represents the Department in a variety of venues and events involving the public, city employees, elected officials, law enforcement agencies, educational institutions, civic groups, charitable organizations, businesses and business organizations, neighborhood organizations, and media sources in matters related to crime and crime analysis; in furtherance of the Department’s mission statement and goals, especially as they relate to the Department’s response to crime and crime trends.
  • Assists in departmental public education and outreach efforts, including working with the departmental public information officer in coordinating crime prevention efforts and providing relevant and timely crime related alerts. Prepares and conducts effective presentations conveying analysis interpretations, conclusions and results.
  • Liaisons with applicable federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies in furtherance of joint crime prevention, case information exchange and criminal apprehension activities, including the integrative reporting of events and occurrences from surrounding jurisdictions impacting on crime prevention efforts locally.
  • Identifies, recommends, and implements related goals and objectives; establishes performance measurement methods and standards for activities and operations related to crime analysis functions, including related budgetary expenses; develops, evaluates, and recommends policies and procedures related to crime analysis processes; creates and maintains annual and quarterly professional development and training plans; develops and implements strategies, processes, and programs which increase the Department’s operational efficiency, accountability, and transparency.
  • Uses excellent customer service skills, establishes and maintains effective working relationships with other employees, officials, and all members of the general public, as well as with a network of crime analysis professionals, both regional and national.
  • Prepare case reports, maps and charts such as link analysis, time flow, commodity flow, telephone toll and other computerized charts to clarify and organize information for further investigation and/or prosecution in criminal court; testify in court as an expert witness.
  • Attendance at work is an essential function of this position.
  • Attends relevant or required training as needed.
  • Operates motor vehicles in carrying out the business of the Department and City.
  • Perform related duties and responsibilities as required.
  • Ability to operate tools and equipment listed.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • This position is subject to the City’s Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Program which includes: pre-employment testing, post-accident testing, reasonable suspicion testing, return-to-duty testing, and follow-up testing.
  • This position has the responsibility to participate in and comply with the City’s Environmental, Health, and Safety program.
  • Graduation from an accredited four-year college or university with major coursework in Criminal Justice administration, Business or Public Administration, GIS mapping, Information Technology, Computer Science, Statistics, or a related field is preferred or an equivalent combination of education and experience sufficient to perform job duties.
  • Valid New Mexico driver’s license with acceptable driving record for past three years.
  • Work experience in law enforcement or criminal justice system is preferred. Experience in crime analysis, crime investigation, intelligence analysis, or GIS experience in a law enforcement, military, governmental, or education is preferred.
  • Work experience performing statistical analysis and research including analyzing data, developing recommendations, implementing strategies and preparing reports of findings is preferred.
  • Professional certifications such as IACA Law Enforcement Analyst (CLEA) or IALEIA Basic certification is preferred.
  • Any combination of training, education and experience which is equivalent to the employment standards listed above, and which provides the required knowledge and abilities, will be deemed acceptable for this position.