Police Property Evidence Technician

Bellevue, WA
Bellevue Police Department

This is an exciting new addition to the property evidence room where the incumbent will have the responsibility of safeguarding, within the Property Room, the storage of a large collection of case evidence and found property. Valuable items, illegal substances, and evidentiary property are received or picked up, assigned a storage location, and logged into the Police Records Department computer property tracking system. Custody transfers between the Property Room and other such as police officers, citizens, and attorneys are accurately logged in and/or out of the computer tracking system according to strict requirements. Telephone and in-person inquiries are addressed, citizens are notified in writing when evidence is available to release, and assistance is provided to transport property as requested.

$55,390.40 – $70,678.40 Annually

5/10/2021 5:00 PM Pacific


• Maintain archive record system of items stored in the Property Room.
• Create property files and locate stolen and evidentiary items within the Property room.
• Transport evidence to and from the State Laboratory, maintaining records of the transfers in and out of the lab.
• Create and maintain a detective viewing room for detectives and attorneys to view the evidence.
• Draft letters to incarcerated individuals regarding the disposition of their personal property.
• Summarize statements from victims and photograph them with their returned property.
• Exposure to unknown chemicals accompanying leaf marijuana and cocaine due to highly aromatic nature of these drugs.
• Obtain property of evidentiary value at crime scene, as directed by the commissioned officer or forensic scientist.
• Develop and maintain a tracking system to ensure property is returned to rightful owners or is destroyed in an appropriate manner.
• Maintain list of firms that possess suitable furnaces for destruction of weapons, narcotics, and medical waste.
• Plan and coordinate two auctions annually to auction off unclaimed property.
• Maintain the cleanliness of the Property Room where janitorial personnel are not admitted, and ensure the appearance and maintenance of the property van is kept up.



• Knowledge of record inventory or inventory control, file management, and/or warehouse maintenance.
• Knowledge of Federal, State, and local laws regarding the handling, storing, and disposing of evidence; knowledge of departmental policies and procedures.
• Knowledge of computer database systems, and ability to create and maintain database-tracking systems as needed.
• Clear, understandable oral communication skills; ability to listen and elicit complete information from others.
• Ability to write concise, accurate filing and record keeping skills.
• Demonstrated detail-oriented and organization skills.
• Ability to work independently and cooperatively with others.
• Ability to work within rigid rules and meet established deadlines.
• Good driving record.
• High school diploma, plus two years experience in records maintenance or similar area of responsibility.
• Data-entry or information retrieval experience.
• Related criminal justice experience preferred.