Police Officers – Laterals

Sedona, AZ
Sedona Police Department

The City of Sedona is looking for dedicated and ambitious police officers to serve our beautiful red rock community! Sedona is a great place to be a police officer – big enough to offer a range of different assignments, but small enough for you to feel part of a supportive and close-knit team.


1. Patrol a designated area of the City to preserve law and order, discover and prevent the commission of crimes, and code violations; enforce traffic and other laws and ordinances
2. Respond to burglar alarms, general public service calls and complaints including domestic disturbances, civil complaints, property control, automobile accidents, robberies, and related misdemeanor and felony incidents; provide first responder medical attention as needed; assist the Fire Department with fire and EMS calls
3. Issue warnings and citations; investigate motor vehicle accidents; interview suspects, victims, and witnesses in the field; direct traffic as necessary; serve warrants and execute police raids
4. Prepare a variety of reports on arrests made, activities performed and unusual incidents observed; document reported crimes
5. Arrest and maintain custody of violators and prisoners; perform animal control duties as assigned
6. Participate in training of new Officers to ensure a good working knowledge of state laws, City codes, and department policies; oversee daily training and assist with testing and evaluation
7. Conduct public presentations on various topics including bike safety, drug abuse, home and personal security, and police equipment and procedures; conduct informational tours of the police facility
8. Conduct classes and make presentations pertaining to the prevention of drug use and abuse; provide security for school district
9. Direct traffic at fires, special events, and other emergency or congested situations
10. Respond to public inquiries in a courteous manner; provide information within the area of responsibility; resolve complaints in an efficient and timely manner
11. Ability to work in organized team efforts and assist in problem solving work related issues for continuous improvement in work efforts
12. Testify in court when necessary

Must possess minimum POST requirements of GED or high school diploma.

License or Certificate Possession of, or ability to obtain:
• Valid Arizona driver’s license
• Arizona POST Peace Officer Certification (POST waiver option for out of state candidates)
• Arizona Criminal Justice Information System (ACJIS) Level C certification