Police Officer- Trainee/Police Officer- Lateral Entry

Englewood, CO
Englewood Police Department

The Englewood Police Department is hiring for the position of Police Officer. Applicants may be non-POST certified, POST certified, or have a POST certification from another state.

Applicants must first complete the City of Englewood application prior to completing the written testing with NTN. Applicants must meet minimum qualifications to be eligible for the NTN exam.



Police Academy Trainee (Non-POST certified) $64,921

Probationary Police Officer 5th class $70, 567

Police Officer 4th class $75,179

Police Officer 3rd class $82,559

Police Officer 2nd class $90.838

Police Officer 1st class $99,878


All applications and NTN written testing must be complete by September 28th


Patrols assigned areas within the city to deter illegal activities and protect and preserve the safety and security of individuals, buildings and neighborhoods.

Maintains a high level of customer service and responds rapidly to changing conditions.

Responds to calls for service. Investigates citizen complaints including crime in progress, crimes discovered after the fact, disturbances, domestic disputes, accidents and requests for information or assistance.

Performs preliminary investigations and interviews at crime scenes, traffic accidents, domestic disputes, and disturbances. Assesses customer and community needs, wants and perceptions.

Collects and preserves physical evidence, recovered property, and diagrams. Photographs scenes and obtains other information from suspects and witnesses necessary to document specific crimes and incidents.

Builds and uses a variety of conflict management skills for different situations and contexts.

Performs traffic enforcement activities to observe and apprehend violators of ordinances and statutes.

Prepares citations and summons necessary to charge individuals with violations of ordinances, statutes, and laws including petty, misdemeanor, and felonious offenses.

Makes arrests and takes suspects into custody which includes searching, booking, and transporting of individuals to holding.

Provides sworn testimony, in both criminal and civil trials and hearingsthat are associated with investigation and charging of individuals with non-criminal and criminal offenses.

Prepares a variety of routine and non-routine reports and records necessary for the reporting of daily activities, and disclosure of specific criminal and non-criminal incidents.

Develops and promotes high standards of personal commitment to goals. Offers assistance, directions and information to citizens and visitors to Englewood. Provides motorist assistance, and performs other community service functions.

The common channel of advancement for Police Officers is from fourth to first class depending on experience, length of employment, training completed and adequate performance of the job. The basic functions are similar for all classes of Officers.

Educational requirements:

High school graduate or equivalent and 60 semester hours of college credit. A minimum of four years active military service and an Honorable Discharge may be substituted in lieu of the college credit requirement.

Experience requirements:

Current Colorado P.O.S.T. certification or successful completion of Colorado P.O.S.T. certification. (City of Englewood will sponsor a successful candidate through a P.O.S.T. academy and will pay Police Academy Trainee salary while attending the academy)


Desired Skills:

Requires the physical ability to protect oneself and others in threatening and stressful situations including the ability to pursue, subdue, and control resisting individuals.

Requires the incumbent to undergo a background check including criminal record check, motor vehicle records check, polygraph and psychological examination and medical evaluation.

Requires extensive training and proficiency in the use of various police weapons.

Ability to learn and enforce ordinances, statutes, laws and court decisions relative to enforcement activities.

Must be able to work in an environment of emotional and mental stress due to the emergency situations present during the course of the work.

Must be creative, responsive, flexible and able to work in a fast paced and constantly changing environment.

Requires extraordinary conflict resolution and strong human relations skills.


Valid Colorado driver’s license and a clear or acceptable MVR