Police Officer Trainee

Santa Cruz, CA
Santa Cruz Police Department

The Santa Cruz Police Department is looking for men and women who want an amazing career, not just a job. We offer competitive pay, opportunities for specialty assignments like Motors, K-9, Beach ATV Patrol, Investigations, SWAT, Parks and Downtown Units. You will work alongside great team members in a community oriented policing department. We have state-of-the-art training combined with an opportunity to make a difference in our community.

Trainee level does not require previous law enforcement experience. Current vacancies. Excellent benefits including hiring bonus, educational incentives and bilingual pay. Trainees attend an approved Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) basic police academy to be trained in the technical knowledge, skills and physical capabilities. Upon successful completion of the academy, Trainees become sworn police officers.

$5,708.23 Monthly

10/24/2019 5:00 PM Pacific


Minimum Qualifications
· At least 20.5 years old at time of testing; 21 years old at time of appointment to police officer.
· Must be a U.S. Citizen or have applied for U.S. citizenship before application for police officer trainee.

Physical Condition
· Physical health, strength, and agility necessary to meet the physical demands of police work, as determined by a physical agility test and a medical exam (based on current California POST Commission guidelines).
· Corrected vision of 20/20 for both eyes together. Uncorrected vision of 20/80 for both eyes, for those who wear glasses or hard contact lenses. There is no uncorrected vision standard for individuals who have successfully worn soft contact lenses for at least one year. Current POST vision guidelines must be met, including those for color, binocular, and peripheral vision.

· Understand, interpret and apply State and local laws and regulations, departmental policies and procedures, and other technical literature pertaining to law enforcement.
· React quickly and calmly in emergency or hazardous situations and adopt an effective course of action.
· Observe and remember facts and details of incidents.
· Follow oral and written instructions.
· Learn to operate firearms safely and skillfully.
· Obtain information through interview, interrogation and observation.
· Write clear and accurate reports on a computer using a basic word processing program.
· Adapt to changing police processes utilizing computer technology.
· Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.
· Communicate verbally in a clear and effective manner.
· Deal tactfully and effectively with a wide range of different individuals and groups from the community.

· Willingness to work rotating shifts including nights and weekends.
· Psychological suitability for police work (determined by a psychological exam as required by the California POST Commission).
· Ability to pass a comprehensive background investigation which includes a polygraph examination, credit history, driving record, criminal activity, military and employment records, and character references (in accordance with the minimum standards for employment issued by the California POST Commission).

· High school graduation or tested equivalent.

· Possession and continued maintenance of a valid California driver's license and a safe driving record.

· Bilingual and/or bicultural Spanish speaking.
· Possession of an A.A. degree or 60 semester units of college level studies