Police Officer Trainee

Shippensburg, PA
Shippensburg University

Salary: $16.64 Hourly.

Open Until Filled

Position Summary:

A candidate in this position participates in an MPOETC certified Act 120 Program, develops skills and techniques to provide police services and protection to the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education property, grounds, facilities, clientele, employees, and the general public. Work involves learning to enforce the Pennsylvania Crimes Code, Motor Vehicle Code, local ordinances, and commonwealth regulations. Assignments are designed to develop proficiency in law interpretation and application, legal procedures, police operations, criminal investigations, public safety, physical fitness, self-defense, firearms use, emergency response, effective communication, report writing, maintenance and use of equipment, and law enforcement practices. Work may also include performing on-the-job assignments patrolling a State University to protect and guard property or persons from fire, theft, trespass or other hazards.

Essential Functions:

  • Participates in a structured Act 120 Basic Police Officer Training program to obtain Act 120 Certification.
  • Participates in training assignments to learn the principles and practices associated with conducting investigations, collecting evidence to support enforcement action, search and seizure, accident investigations, officer safety, interpersonal relations, investigations, interviews, interrogations, report writing, case preparation, and court testimony.
  • Receives training in the safe and proper handling of firearms and in the use of specialized equipment and instruments, including communications equipment, preliminary breath test devices, body armor, and riot gear.
  • Participates in training assignments to learn the principles and practices associated with the Rules of Criminal Procedure, the Rules of Evidence, criminal laws, motor vehicle laws, and rules related to search and seizure and arrest.
  • Patrols an assigned area of the State University; watches for fires, prowlers, vandalism, or other unusual occurrences.
  • Directs traffic and enforces parking regulations.
  • Assists and directs visitors; furnishes information in a courteous manner.
  • Maintains orderly conduct among patients, students, employees, and the general public.
  • Operates motorized vehicles.
  • Performs related work as required.


  • High school Diploma or completion of the General Education Development test.
  • This position requires possession of an active motor vehicle license.
  • All candidates must meet the entrance requirements for the MPOETC Certified Act 120 program which includes a fitness test, a background check, a physical examination including a vision and hearing test, a psychological examination, and a reading test with a minimum 9th grade reading level.
  • All candidates are required to enroll in, participate, and complete the Municipal Police Officers’ Education and Training Commission Certified Basic Police Academy (Act 120) training to obtain MPOETC Certification. Act 120 certification must be obtained to successfully complete the trainee program.