Police Officer Recruit

South Bend, IN
South Bend Police Department

The City of South Bend seeks qualified applicants who desire an active, challenging, and unique career where they can make a difference within the City of South Bend. Qualified applicants should be prepared to partner with, protect, and serve the residents and visitors of the City of South Bend. Selected applicants will become South Bend Police Department recruits and attend the first Police Academy in 2020. The Academy’s start date is January 13, 2020. Applicants will receive monthly updates from the South Bend Police Department. However, dates for the first stage of the selection process, the physical agility test, will not be set until on or after August 1, 2019. Additional information about the process can be found by following the link provided at the end of the application. Upon successful completion of the academy, recruits would have a career as a police officer for the City of South Bend. Police officers, under general supervision, perform a wide variety of duties involved with the enforcement of laws and the prevention of crimes.

PAY RATE Starting Salary 2020: Recruit (During Academy) $49,058/yr. Patrolman 2nd Class (Once sworn) $54,122/yr. Patrolman 1st Class (Generally, 2nd Year) $60,341/yr. Afternoon Shift Incentive: $2,500/yr. Midnight Shift Incentive: $3,500/yr.


· Monitor radio and communication devices to receive assignments and calls.
· Maintain awareness of activities in assigned areas.
· Effectively communicate, verbally and written, in the English language.
· Assist citizens with problems.
· Patrol on foot or by driving a vehicle, responding to assigned calls, and searching for suspicious activity or situations.
· Respond to calls by driving, walking, or running to a specific location.
· Refer persons to appropriate social service agencies when situations warrant.
· Assess situations, determine the need for assistance of other officers or agencies, and take appropriate action.
· Provide emergency aid to injured people and move people away from danger, including carrying unconscious people.
· Investigate accidents and reports of crimes. Gather evidence, record observations and statements of witnesses, victims, and suspects.


· Must be a United States Citizen.
· Must be at least 21 years of age but not yet 36 years of age when sworn as a police officer. Eligible military veterans are able to be sworn up until age 40.
· Must be a high school graduate, as evidenced by a transcript issued by an accredited high school. An achievement test certificate from an accredited high school or State Board of education is acceptable.
· Must possess a valid unrestricted driver’s license.
· Must be willing, if appointed, to reside within St. Joseph County or adjoining county in Indiana.