Police Officer/Recruit

Grapevine, TX
Grapevine Police Department

Provides crime prevention and law enforcement responsibilities for the conduct of routine patrols, preliminary, criminal and specialized investigations, and traffic control duties in a designated area during an assigned shift.

Starting Police Recruit salary is $4,785.73 monthly plus benefits (those attending Basic Academy)
$5,024.93 monthly plus benefits for applicants with TCOLE Peace Office License
$5,278.00monthly plus benefits for applicants with TCOLE Peace Office License and 24 months Police Officer experience (post Police Academy)
$5,541.47monthly plus benefits for applicants with TCOLE Peace Office License and more than 36 months Police Officer experience.(post Police Academy)

3/12/2020 5:00 PM Central


1. Patrols an assigned area to prevent and detect criminal activities, normally operating a City vehicle. Initiates applicable investigation techniques to develop and prosecute criminals under each offense. Documents investigative actions, interviews, interrogations, subpoena procurement; written statements; affidavits for evidentiary warrants and arrest warrants; evidence collection; identification, location and apprehension of perpetrator and property recovery. Prepares and presents cases to District Attorney's office. Investigates non-criminal actions such as missing persons, internal affairs, found property, etc. Conducts specialized undercover investigations as assigned.

2. Responds to emergency calls to protect lives and property, often times involving criminal activities. Apprehends suspected criminals as situation dictates.

3. Prepares activity reports detailing patrol/investigation occurrences and submits reports to superiors for review.

4. Enforces traffic laws through patrol and issuance of citations.

5. Investigates and prepares crime/traffic reports on criminal activities and traffic accidents.

6. Files required reports for the court and legal process and appears and testifies in court as required.

7. Participates in Police Department crime prevention and education programs and activities.

8. Performs related duties as directed when such duties are a logical and appropriate assignment to the position.

9. Regular and timely attendance are required for this position.

10. Interacts professionally and respectfully with the public, coworkers and others in the course of daily work.


Candidates must possess one of the following is requirements:
• High School Diploma or GED plus 2 years active military service with an honorable discharge, or
• High School Diploma or GED plus be a current City of Grapevine employee in good standing with 2 years full-time continuous employment, or
• High School Diploma or GED plus a Peace Officer License from the State of Texas (TCOLE) with an Honorable Discharge (if applicable), or
• 30 college hours from an accredited institution prior to the hire date. (Accredited institution is a college or university accredited through one of the six accreditors of the Higher Learning Commission.)