Police Officer- Public Safety

Dayton, Ohio
Sinclair Community College Police Department

Closing Date 11/30/2022

The minimum salary for this position is $50,590.

This position is responsible for the safety of all individuals utilizing the main Sinclair Campus, the satellite campuses and the surrounding areas. The safeguarding of the physical assets of the college is of paramount importance, as is the further enhancement of a safe working and educational environment for faculty, students, and staff members.

The Department of Public Safety operates as a fully functional law enforcement agency within a business environment and located within an urban setting of a major metropolitan city. Officers must balance their duties as police officers with their responsibilities as Sinclair employees to promote the success of Sinclair College. Student safety is the primary focus of this position.

Principal Accountabilities

  • Police officers for the Department of Public Safety operate on shifts twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year and are subject to be called back to duty at any time, regardless of their days off or other leave, including vacation.
  • During emergency circumstances, police officers are classified as “mission essential” personnel and must report for work. The police officer is the first responder to all criminal incidents, fires, hazardous material spills, injuries, illnesses and vehicular accidents, as well as any other situation which may arise.
  • This position maintains high visibility patrols on foot, bicycle and vehicle for the entire campus and requires constant interaction with faculty, students, staff, and other law enforcement agencies and those visiting and/or working in the Miami Valley area
  • After hours and during weekends this position is the first responder to all the items listed above and to any maintenance and HVAC malfunctions. Officers are tasked as acting as the first responder to any mechanical emergencies throughout campus and the notification of proper personnel.
  • Officers will investigate all criminal and/or non-criminal incidents, along with any other matter as directed by appropriate authority.
  • Officers will assist other law enforcement agencies during investigations relating to Sinclair College or any other incident resulting from mutual aid activation or other assists. Police officers present information to various prosecutor’s for the filing of criminal charges, which may result in being required to testify in court.
  • This position has the responsibility of providing first-aid and the application of CPR/AED techniques. Officers also are called upon to evaluate & document injuries, illnesses, and to request further medical assistance when warranted.
  • Officers must be able to engage individuals in physical confrontations to include but not limited to (1) handcuffing subjects; and (2) subduing violent combative subjects by using both arms and hands.


  • Minimum of a High School diploma or GED required
  • Successful completion of or currently attending an Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy basic officer course required
  • Current OPOTA commission, or respective state’s training certification, required. If police training certification is from another state, completion of the OPATA certification within 30 days of hire (time allowance can be edited) is required.
  • Ability to work a variety of shifts, and be on call twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week, 365 days per year required
  • Ability to run short distances required
  • Must maintain mandatory levels of handgun, shotgun and patrol rifle proficiency, as well as CPR/AED and first-aid certifications required
  • Must possess excellent interpersonal skills, with ability to interact with a variety of students, faculty, staff, and visitors
  • Officers must receive and maintain certifications for the use of the ASP Baton, Less-Lethal munitions & the Taser CEW
  • Ability to operate and use a gas mask, fire extinguisher and other safety equipment required
  • A valid Ohio driver’s license, or respective valid state’s driver’s license with ability to get Ohio’s as soon as possible upon employment required