Police Officer (Must be certified Peace Officer or enrolled in Police Academy)

Beaumont, TX
Beaumont Police Department

Salary: $72,096.00 Annually.

Closing Date: 3/31/2024.

Essential Functions:

  • Responsible for the prevention, detection, and investigation of crimes;
  • Maintains law and order; patrols assigned areas of the city in Police vehicle;
  • Enforces traffic regulations that includes issuing citations;
  • Investigates accidents, crimes against property and persons, and complaints;
  • Interviews victims and witnesses;
  • Takes affidavits; apprehends persons suspected of crimes;
  • Responds to calls for service including disturbances, burglar alarms, gang activity, traffic/parking violations;
  • Serves warrants;
  • Writes various reports including offense, accident, and arrest; checks buildings and stores for security;
  • Testifies in court; takes calls from 911 Center Dispatchers and keeps him/her informed of location and status;
  • Administers first aid; operates MDT;
  • Must be able to render credible testimony.


  • Applicants must hold a current TCOLE Peace Officer License or be currently enrolled in a TCOLE accredited Police Academy.
  • Applicants must be 21 years of age prior to appointment.
  • A United States citizen.
  • Possess a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • No convictions of any Class A misdemeanor or above, including DWI offenses.
  • No convictions for any Class B misdemeanor within the last ten years.
  • No convictions of any family violence offense.
  • College course work, four year degree, prior law enforcement, or military experience preferred.
  • Applicants selected for hire shall be subject to drug/alcohol screen test, polygraph, and physical/psychological examination.
  • Must possess a valid Class C driver’s license with a good driving record required.
  • Other state valid Driver’s License equivalent to Texas Class C with a good driving record will be considered.
  • Texas state law requires within 30 days of residency, you must possess a valid Texas driver’s license.