Police Officer (Multiple Positions)

Tucson, AZ
University of Arizona

This position is for currently Certified Officers. You MUST have AZPost or other State Post certification as a Law Enforcement Officer. All others should apply under the title “Police Officer, Recruit”. Recruitment for “Recruits” varies and is incumbent upon academy start dates. If the Police Officer, Recruit position is not open, please check back at a later date.

The University Police Department seeks experienced applicants to fill the position of Police Officer. Those interested must demonstrate effective critical thinking skills, exhibit sound judgment and be healthy both physically and emotionally. We seek to reflect the rich diversity of the community in the quality people we employ. Our officers must be committed to public service, professionalism and a peaceful community.

Posted Rate of Pay $22.596 – $23.379 Per Hour

Close Date 06/05/2019

Officers are afforded opportunities for advancement and specialized positions within the department.


• Patrols buildings and grounds checking locked doors and windows and investigates suspicious activity or people.
• Receives briefing upon arrival for duty; secures information, asks questions and participates in required departmental training and discussion of information.
• Patrols assigned areas on foot or by motor vehicle to control traffic, prevent or deter crime and arrest violators; issues warnings or citations to drivers when violations of motor vehicle laws are observed.
• Writes, and files with supervisor crime reports and daily activity reports of disturbances, accidents, crimes and tickets issued in prescribed format.
• Assists motorists and University community by delivering emergency messages; helping motorists with flat tires, stalled vehicles or keys locked in car; advising University community on crime prevention techniques.
• Responds to emergency alarms and dispatched calls; makes decisions based on analysis of situation and facts.
• Testifies in court in response to subpoena as witness and/or reporting officer to crime.
• Investigates all types of crimes and accidents; performs follow up duties on crimes/accidents as directed by supervisor; interviews suspects and witnesses; collects evidence and facts; files appropriate reports as directed by federal, state or local legal requirements.
• May assist in training new officers in the field according to established schedule and guidelines; submits written evaluation of trainee performance to supervisor.