Police Officer – Lateral Transfers and New Hires

Wyoming, MI
Wyoming Police Department

Date Closing: 07/08/2023
Wage: $31.70-$38.09 per hour

This is a sworn position that performs responsible law enforcement and patrol work to maintain order in an assigned district. Police officers work to preserve and defend the constitutional rights of community members; they enforce criminal statutes and ordinances, investigate complaints, and initiate appropriate action. This position prevents and responds to crime and disorder, regulates traffic, and protects life and property. Work is performed in accordance with established policies and procedures. This position is responsible to build and maintain relationships between community members and the Department of Public Safety and City of Wyoming. Police officers provide assistance at the scene of accidents and other emergencies; and perform related work as required.


  • Patrols assigned patrol district while observing traffic for violations of traffic laws and ordinances, assists stranded motorists, checks for wanted vehicles, and/or studies traffic patterns. Uses radar equipment and visual observation to determine violations, issue citations or warnings, and make arrests as appropriate.
  • Responds to a variety of calls for service such as burglaries, robberies, domestic disputes, assaults, other criminal complaints, and accidents. Intervenes, when appropriate. Assists complainants and, if necessary, initiates an investigation by interviewing victims, witnesses, and suspects, as well as gathering and preserving evidence.
  • Prepares reports in a clear, concise, and logical sequence, establishing the elements and details of the crime or accident investigated.
  • Enforces criminal statutes and ordinances. Applies appropriate law enforcement action to violations or suspected violations of local, state, and federal regulations. Arrests individuals wanted on warrants or based on probable cause. May be required to use legal and reasonable force when dealing with violent, resistive, or combative individuals.
  • Responds to accident scenes; renders first aid as needed; routes traffic. Investigates causes of accidents and determines fault. May be required to assist with removal of debris from the crash scene.
  • Accurately and responsibly operates firearms, electronic control devices, and other subject control devices and uses radios, cameras, computers, and other equipment as required.
  • Conducts proactive patrols including foot patrol, citizen contacts, and surveillance to monitor for illegal or suspicious activity.
  • Follows up on preliminary investigation of complaints and assists with major or complex cases.