Police Officer/Investigator

Oak Ridge, TN
Oak Ridge Police Department

Closes On: October 31, 2022 at 12:00 PM EST

Details: $18.97 per hour

This position is for experienced officers with the Peace Officer Standard Training (P.O.S.T.) Certification.

This position performs general duty police work for the apprehension of criminals, prevention of crimes, protection of life and property, and general enforcement of all laws and ordinances on an assigned shift under general supervision. Duties may also include in-depth investigation of criminal offenses as assigned. Performs duties in compliance with all state and federal laws, standards, and guidelines and departmental policies, procedures, and directives. Maintains conduct toward individuals, which displays a firm and fair attitude, respect for personal rights, and concern for safety.


• Answers all emergency and non-emergency calls for service.
• Discovers and prevents the commission of crimes, enforces ordinances and all state and motor vehicle laws for designated areas.
• Conducts preliminary investigations, gathers evidence, obtains witness statements, makes arrests, and escorts prisoners from the scenes of crimes.
• Makes arrests, escorts prisoners from the scene of a crime Detains anyone wanted through the serving of warrants.
• Investigates motor vehicle accidents and assists local fire department and ambulance personnel.
• Makes dispositions of all complaints or inquiries or directs people to the proper organizations to handle the complaints.
• Prepares evidence for issuance of complaints; serves criminal process, including warrants and subpoenas.
• Completes reports compiling factual data, evidence and conduct interviews and interrogations when appropriate.
• Performs investigative duties that cover a wide range of cases including, but not limited to: sexual assault, child abuse, assault, battery, forgery, arson, burglary, theft, vandalism, and background investigations.
• Inspects scenes of crimes, accident sites, and other appropriate locations to identify possible physical evidence.