Police Officer I, II or III

Spring Hill, KS
Spring Hill Police Department

Starting Pay Police Officer I: $22.34 Police Officer II: $26.19 Police Officer III: $28.52

Brief Description of Duties
The ideal candidate will be an energized, self-starter, team motivated, and approachable individual who demonstrates a high level of integrity, and can work effectively with others to continuously improve police operations and public relations in the community. He/she will work closely with the members of the department, other agencies, courts and the community. He/she will be skilled at utilizing best practices in community-oriented policing, crime prevention, investigations, traffic enforcement, accident investigation, and youth and school involvement.

Essential functions, as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act may include, but are not limited to the following characteristic duties, responsibilities, knowledge, skills and other characteristics.

  • Performs general patrol duties
  • Performs crime prevention and public relations duties
  • Applies department orders, rules and regulations to maintain order and public safety
  • Safely operates, inspects and performs minor repairs on patrol and unmarked vehicles
  • Performs accident investigations and directs traffic
  • Performs oral interrogations and interviewing duties
  • Apprehends, charges, processes and transports suspects
  • Performs traffic enforcement and stops
  • Handles search warrant and criminal report follow-up

Pay, Education & Experience

High school diploma or equivalent is required. Two-year technical or Associates degree in Criminal Justice, Political Science, Social Science or continuing education in law enforcement or a related field is preferred. Ability to react quickly to danger and adapt to different people, behavior, and circumstances is a must.