Police Officer (Entry-Level)

Montclair, CA
Montclair Police Department

Under general supervision prevents crimes, enforces laws, investigates complaints, and apprehends criminals and suspects; protects the innocent, helps the distressed, safeguards public rights, and aids in the administration of justice; and assumes responsibilities and performs duties related to the work, as required. Must work alternating shifts including some weekends and holidays.

Salary/Pay Rate:$6,369 – $8,036*/mo. ($5,623/mo. salary while enrolled in the 20-week Police Academy)


Operates an automobile, motorcycle, or bicycle, or walks, in patrolling an assigned area for the prevention of crime and the enforcement of laws and regulations; responds to radio dispatches and telephone instructions and appears at scenes of
disorder or crime; notes and reports traffic hazards; investigates and prepares reports on accidents, offenses, and damages
to property; assists people in emergency situations; makes physical arrests, issues citations, and gives verbal warnings;
intervenes in private and public disputes to protect the public and maintain order; appears in court; transports prisoners;
writes case reports and logs activities; participates in training conferences and programs; makes public service presentations;
and accepts special assignments in police dispatching and evidence room; and any other specific assignment directed by
supervising police personnel.


Candidates must pass one of the below written examinations:

1. California POST PELLETB: The City of Montclair currently does not administer the California POST Law Enforcement Reading and Writing test (PelletB) examination, but will accept applications from those candidates that passed the PELLETB and obtained a T-Score total of 48 or higher. Applicants taking the PELLETB test will be responsible for submitting proof for verification of his/her results. Completion of City of Montclair Employment Application is required, as well as a Supplemental Questionnaire for Police Officer, and proof of your PELLETB score. Verification must be on an agency letterhead, listing where the test was administered, test date (within the last 12 months of the date your application is received by the City of Montclair), type of test administered and test results. Selected
candidates will be invited to the next phase of the selection process.

2. The Montclair Police Department offers full testing services for the position of Entry-Level Police Officer through National Testing Network, Inc (NTN). To fill out an application for this position and schedule testing, go to www.nationaltestingnetwork.com, select Law Enforcement, and sign up for the Montclair Police Department.