Police Officer – Elementary Patrol

Pflugerville, TX
Pflugerville Independent School District


Position Summary:

Patrols district property to protect all students, personnel, and visitors from physical harm and prevent property loss due to theft or vandalism. Enforces all laws including municipal ordinances, county ordinances, and state laws. Works independently.

Essential Functions:

  • Direct the daily operations of the district police department to ensure effective law enforcement.
  • Coordinate and collaborate enforcement activities with other department directors and campus principals and work cooperativel y to develop and implement preventative policing, police programs, gang management plans, and other safety programs.
  • Investigate and make recommendations on all complaints and accusations made against district police officers or staff.
  • Develop and present in-service training for department and PfISD employees as appropriate.
  • Assist with preparation of required department reports and requests.
  • Ensure enforcement of all laws and ordinances within the scope of board policy and the jurisdiction of district.
  • Oversee investigation of criminal activities that occur within the district’s jurisdiction and support other agencies conducting investigations.
  • Serve as district liaison to state and local law enforcement agencies and juvenile authorities and represent the district on assigned committees and task forces.
  • Collaborate with the Executive Director of Health, Safety, Crisis and Emergency Management.
  • Develop department safety procedures including procedures for safe handling and use of firearms.
  • Patrol district property to protect all students, staff and visitors from physical harm and prevent property loss due to theft or vandalism.
  • Follow the district Emergency Response Guide and Emergency Operations Procedures (EOP).
  • Select, train, supervise, and evaluate staff and make sound recommendations relative to assignment, retention, discipline, and dismissal.
  • Coordinate all HR functions with the PfISD HR Administrator and follow/align practices with existing HR procedures and regulations.
  • Collaborate, Communicate and Coordinate with the PfISD HR Administrator.
  • Evaluate job performance of employees to ensure effectiveness.
  • Prepare, review, and revise police department job descriptions.
  • Maintain secured property room for storage of weapons and contraband confiscated on district property.
  • Compile and administer department budget based on documented needs. Ensure that operations are cost-effective and funds are managed wisely.
  • Compile, maintain, and file all reports, records, and other documents as required.
  • Establish standards for the department based on accepted practices in each specific area of operation.
  • Meet with campus and central office administration on security, safety and law enforcement matters.
  • Serve as liaison between Department and Administration, law enforcement agencies and community.


  • Education/Certification: High school diploma or GED, Texas Peace Officer License issued by Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE).
  • Clear and valid Texas driver’s license.
  • Experience: Background in law enforcement or related work experience.