Police Officer (DCJS L.E. certified)

Fredericksburg, VA
Fredericksburg Police Department

Salary: $60,000.

Closing Date: April 3, 2024.

Position Summary:

The Fredericksburg Police Department is accepting applications for the position of Virginia DCJS Law Enforcement certified Police Officer. Under general supervision, Officers perform general law enforcement work in order to preserve the public peace, to protect lives, property, and the rights of the public. A police officer enforces statutory laws and municipal ordinances. Work involves patrolling of City streets, River Bank, City Parks and neighborhoods to deter crime; apprehend and/or arrest violators or suspects; responds to calls for law enforcement assistance; investigates traffic accidents and enforce traffic regulations; and gathers information for criminal investigations. A police officer also assures appropriate custody and control of prisoners. (Attends court and mandatory off duty details)

Essential Functions:

  • Reduces the commission of crimes and maintains the public peace by patrolling throughout the City in a marked and/or unmarked police vehicle, bicycle, foot, or any other means directed by a supervisor.
  • Apprehends and/or arrests persons who violate statutory laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia and City of Fredericksburg codes.
  • Becomes and remains familiar with patrol zones, geographic locations, known offenders, neighborhood routines, and potential problem areas.
  • Monitors radio calls; communicates with radio dispatcher and responds to complaints, reports of criminal events, requests for law enforcement, and domestic or public disputes.
  • Inspects troublesome areas, checks security of businesses and buildings, and makes recommendations regarding security, etc.
  • Conducts preliminary and follow-up criminal investigations for all types of cases including homicide, drug related offenses, forgery, larceny, child abuse, burglary, etc.
  • Interviews witnesses, informants, and possible suspects to obtain information and evidence related to criminal cases and illegal activities.
  • Secures and performs detailed searches and analyses of crime scenes using a variety of technical procedures.
  • Collects evidence at the crime scene and processes evidence in accordance with Department Directives and regulations to ensure its integrity and security.
  • Apprehends and interrogates suspects and determines further disposition according to admission of guilt or incriminating evidence.
  • Transports prisoners.
  • Seeks and serves arrest warrants, search warrants, and other court documents.
  • Conducts searches of persons, vehicles, places, and things as it relates to criminal activity.
  • Reviews files and current bulletins relating to criminal activity.
  • Works with other law enforcement agencies by sharing information and files to facilitate the apprehension of criminal suspects.
  • Assists prosecutors in the preparation of cases for trial and must be a credible witness in court when testifying and presenting evidence
  • Enforces all traffic and parking laws, including laws as it pertains to driving under the influence.
  • Performs traffic accident investigations, including protecting the accident scene, aiding the injured, controlling vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
  • Performs traffic and pedestrian control for disabled traffic control devices, heavily congested areas, funeral processions, and public gatherings.
  • Assists disabled motorists.
  • Performs rescue functions at accidents, emergency scenes, and disaster areas.
  • Assists other law enforcement personnel and public service agencies.
  • May perform undercover work, including audio and/or visual surveillance to obtain information for assigned cases.
  • Completes and/or reviews paperwork documenting shift activities, offenses and incidents, victim and suspect statements and other related information.
  • Engages in public relations, community service activities and events to promote a positive image of the Department and to build cooperative and collaborative relationships with the community.
  • Investigates domestic disputes and makes the appropriate arrests and referrals in accordance with the Code of Virginia and Department Directives.
  • Investigates instances concerning deceased persons and assists with the handling/removal of the body.
  • Makes appropriate notifications to next of kin as it relates to the death.
  • Investigates complaints and prepares reports for lost and found property.
  • Investigates complaints and prepares reports for missing and found persons.
  • Attends training as required by Department and DCJS standards.
  • Performs administrative duties such as dispatching, evidence handling and tracking, records processing, etc.
  • May work with Police K-9s for general law enforcement work, to include training and providing general care of Police K-9s.
  • May serve as a Field Training Officer, D.A.R.E. Officer, Special Equipment and Tactical Team member, or other special assignment as determined by the Chief of Police.
  • Prepares clear, accurate, and complete reports on any activities engaged in, as directed by Department Directives.
  • Maintains police vehicles and conducts daily inspections of appropriate fleet vehicles.
  • Maintains all police issued equipment including firearms.
  • May perform duties of a telecommunications officer or school crossing guard when necessary.
  • Performs general clerical work as required, including but not limited to attending meetings, preparing reports, entering and retrieving computer data, copying and filing documents, sending and receiving faxes, answering the telephone, and greeting and assisting office visitors.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.


  • Current Virginia DCJS Certified law enforcement officer.
  • No more than two moving violations within previous 24 months.
  • No current or previous revocations of suspension of license within previous 60 months due to a moving violation.
  • Undergo a background investigation including fingerprint-based criminal history records inquiries to both the CCRE and FBI.
  • Undergo a physical examination, subsequent to a conditional offer of employment.
  • Polygraph Examination.
  • Must complete lawfit course.