Police Officer – COPS Grant

St. Cloud, FL
St. Cloud Police Department

This is a grant funded position for four (4) Police Officers.

$21.24 Hourly


  • Performs law enforcement patrol activities to include the following critical tasks: conducts teletype checks of property or person and records check on firearms, stolen equipment or wanted or stolen vehicles; assesses driver's ability to operate vehicle; transports mental patient, prisoner or suspect; conducts felony stops; searches for missing, lost or wanted persons; separates persons involved in domestic disputes; investigates, or removes ill, nuisance or dangerous animals; conducts dwelling, building or grounds check; pursues vehicles; detains driver of suspect vehicle; responds to alarm calls; subdues resisting offenders using force where appropriate, including deadly force; plans methods for making arrests; makes arrests; searches persons, places and things; performs riot control activities.
  • Conducts law enforcement investigations to include the following critical tasks: records identifying marks on vehicle, firearm, etc; prepares and distributes Be-on-the-Lookout reports of wanted notices; coordinates activities at crash, crime or investigation scene; searches buildings or grounds for suspects; establishes identify of suspect; selects method for conducting search; collects crime scene evidence; transports evidence or property; protects or secures the crime scene; identifies person through records or pictures; shows mug shots to witnesses or victims; conducts live or photo lineup; checks agency records; checks establishments for wanted or missing person; gathers intelligence on known or suspected offenders; conducts interviews; interrogates suspects; takes sworn statements, formal confessions or depositions; prepares reports of affidavits; presents testimony and evidence in both civil and criminal court proceedings.
  • Performs public interaction activities to include the following critical tasks: moves abused person to safe environment; obtains information on injuries to victims and suspects for reports; speaks before public groups; assists and refers mentally ill, indigent and other persons in need; physically moves persons, vehicles and other property from unsafe locations; administers first aid to injured person; administers CPR procedures on appropriate persons; provides security for special functions.
  • Performs traffic related activities to include the following critical tasks: examines abandoned vehicles; investigates request to tow away vehicles; informs vehicle owner of legal obligations or procedures regarding removal of vehicle; measures speed of moving vehicles; directs traffic on land or water; observes traffic for violations; conducts traffic stop; investigates and reports hazardous roadway or waterway damage; controls parking; issues citation or warning; verbally counsels offenders in lieu of arrest or citation; rescues or assists in the rescue of trapped persons; informs person of crash about reporting and information exchange procedures; explains legal obligations to vehicle operators, conducts traffic crash investigations; administers field check to suspected intoxicated drivers.


• Requires High School graduation or GED equivalent.
• Completion of minimum standard training courses as set by the Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission is preferred.
• Minimum 20 years of age
• One-year experience is preferred
• Maintenance of a current/valid State of Florida Driver License which meets requirements outlined in the City's Personnel Rules and Regulations Manual as well as any requirements by the City's insurance carrier (at no additional cost, or risk), and determined by the City to be an acceptable driving record history.