Police Officer (Certified Outside the State of Florida)

Sanibel, FL
Sanibel Police Department

Salary: $57,909.00 – $86,864.00 Annually.

Position Summary:

Applicant MUST HAVE CURRENT CERTIFICATION as a law enforcement officer in another state to qualify for this job class. Serves under the general supervision of a Sergeant, performs a wide variety of police, law enforcement, and investigative duties including the protection of life and property, crime detection, traffic enforcement, emergency management, and other public safety responsibilities. Duties may also include special assignments in areas such as the detective bureau, information and records processing, and supervision of support staff as designated by the Police Chief. Performs other work as requested.

Essential Functions:

  • Responds to calls regarding public disturbances, criminal, civil, or emergency situations. Responds as requested to provide back-up for Sheriff’s office.
  • Detects and prevents criminal activities by surveillance of assigned business and residential areas. Notes possible criminal occurrences and takes steps to prevent criminal actions.
  • Promotes crime prevention by initiating contact with businesses and residents including explaining applicable laws, soliciting cooperation in crime reporting, and otherwise creating a good rapport with area citizens.
  • Investigates crime scenes or accidents. Protects evidence, takes testimony, contacts witnesses, and assists in the investigation.
  • Inspects alcoholic beverage businesses and enforces laws and ordinance relating to consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  • Enforces traffic laws and vehicle codes and promotes traffic safety. Notes illegal or unsafe driving practices and advises or makes arrests as appropriate. Directs traffic, reports unsafe road conditions, and otherwise promotes vehicular and pedestrian safety.
  • Patrols back roads and beach areas to detect smuggling activities.
  • Prepares a variety of daily and other reports related to crimes, accidents, and other duties. Maintains logs, completes forms, and prepares disposition and speed reports as requested.
  • Provides a variety of related services. Transports and fingerprints prisoners, provides assistance to motorists, resolves domestic disturbances, and gives talks before civic groups.
  • Attends depositions and court and testifies as required.
  • Responds to calls from citizens regarding nuisance or wild animals.
  • Assists Coast Guard in responding to distress calls from boater in the Sanibel area.
  • Supervises support staff in records management, information processing, and traffic control.
  • Supervises shift in Sergeant’s absence as designated by operations Commander.
  • Operates computer and supervises information processing section.
  • Operates special equipment such as police boat and motorcycle.
  • Provides backup to dispatchers and assumes dispatch responsibilities in dispatcher’s absence.
  • Functions as D.A.R.E. (Drug, Abuse, Resistance, Education) Officer and School Resource Officer when qualified and assigned.
  • Trains new officer when qualified and assigned as field training officer.


  • High school diploma, GED, or equivalent certificate of competency required.
  • Must possess a valid Florida Driver’s License, or within 30 days of employment.
  • Requires shift, holiday and weekend work.