Police Officer (Certified and Non-Certified)

Yuma, AZ
City of Yuma

We are looking for individuals to join Team Yuma as a Certified Police Officer or a Non Certified Police Officer, working with the City of Yuma Police Department. The ideal candidate will have strong communication skills, compassion and empathy for others, a high level of integrity, an understanding of how to be an active listener who can navigate difficult situations, and mental agility. If you have the desire to protect and the passion to serve our community, there is a place on our team for you! Click here to view a brochure that explains more information on the position, the department, the organization and our community.


Hiring Bonus up to $10,000
Based on your years of service as a certified Police Officer, you could earn up to a $10,000 sign on bonus, over the course of a two year period. The sign on bonus amount is determined by the applicant’s years of experience.
Non-certified applicants will start at the entry pay of $25.5250 hourly. There is a $1,000 sign on bonus, for new hires, after successful completion of the one year probationary period.

Moving Allowance
In addition, any new hire that relocates to the City of Yuma from outside the region will be eligible for a moving allowance of up to $2,000 to cover the costs of relocation.

For More Detailed Information
To review our New Hire Guidelines for specifics on the hiring bonus and moving allowance, click here.

The City of Yuma follows a 10-step pay plan ranging from $25.5250 – $35.9678 per hour. The pay chart below lists the entry level pay for lateral transfers:

Years of Experience Step # Hourly Rate
Entry pay (0 – 2.9 yrs.) Step 1 $25.5250
3 – 4.9 yrs. / 3% Step 2 $26.2909
5 – 6.9 yrs. / 6% Step 3 $27.0798
7 – 8.9 yrs. / 9% Step 4 $27.8918
9+ yrs. / 12% Step 5 $28.7288

All applications will be screened by Human Resources for the minimum requirements. All applicants will be notified of their status by email. Those that meet the minimum requirements will be required to complete a Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ). Click here to review the PHQ.


  • Information regarding the POPAT and the minimum standards for certification can be found on the Arizona Post website.
  • Oral Interview
  • Background Interview
  • Background Investigation
  • Polygraph Exam
  • Psychological Exam
  • Medical/Drug Screening
  • Police Academy

For more information on the job requirements and the essential functions of the Certified Police Officer and the Non Certified Police Officer, please visit the City of Yuma job openings.

The City of Yuma Police Department and/or Arizona POST will automatically disqualify any individual who has at any time; be aware that Arizona POST follows federal guidelines for drug usage:

  • Been convicted of a felony or any offense that would be a felony if committed in Arizona
  • Been dishonorably discharged from the United States armed forces
  • Been previously denied certified status, have certified status revoked or have current certified status suspended
  • Illegally sold, produced, cultivated, or transported for sale marijuana or dangerous drugs/narcotics
  • Used marijuana, dangerous drugs/narcotics while employed or appointed as a peace officer
  • Illegally used a dangerous drug or narcotic, other than marijuana, for any purpose within the past seven years
  • Convicted of or adjudged to have violated traffic regulations governing the movement of vehicles with such a frequency so as to indicate disrespect for the traffic laws and disregard for the safety of other persons on the highway within the past three years
  • Been previously employed with a law enforcement agency and since has committed or violated federal, state, or city laws pertaining to criminal activity
  • Lied during any stage of the hiring process, falsified any information on the application or background questionnaire
  • Conviction of domestic violence crime, misdemeanor, or felony or conviction of a lesser charge, which at the time of occurrence was a domestic violence crime

The website to view the detailed job descriptions and to apply: https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/yuma