Police Officer

Cushington, OK
Cushington Police Department

Under direct supervision, provides both routine and complex law enforcement duties and responsibilities. Participates in comprehensive training and certification program to be able to function independently in the field.

Essential Functions:

  • Participates in departmental training program and demonstrates job proficiency and knowledge through field activities and examination.
  • Responds to citizen’s calls for assistance in a safe and efficient manner. Determines if a crime has been committed and takes appropriate action(s).
  • Obtains required information to make arrest and completes report form.
  • Be productive, efficient and effective without direct supervision during self-directed work time.
  • Patrols the city by driving a police unit or on foot to visually observe any suspicious criminal activity. Investigates circumstances if unusual activity is detected. Takes appropriate action if necessary.
  • Interviews or interrogates victims, witnesses, and others to obtain information or evidence to assist in an investigation or for evidence in court.
  • Responds to emergencies with the intent of gaining control and managing the emergency.

Age Requirement:
21 years of age or older
Physical Condition:
Excellent physical condition
Must be a legal resident of the United States
Military Service:
If applicable, military service with an honorable discharge as stipulated on a DD214
Prior Convictions:
No felony convictions