Police Officer

Corvallis, OR
Corvallis Police Department

$6,219.72 – $7,938.15 Monthly

The Corvallis Police Department – Integrity & Honor

Consider being a Police Officer for the Corvallis Police Department, serving and protecting our citizens and community.

Corvallis Police Officers work both independently and cooperatively to provide pro-active police protection and crime prevention consistent with community policing objectives. They ensure the safety of the community in an orderly, efficient, and professional manner. Conduct investigations of crimes which lead to identification, apprehension, and prosecution of criminals.

Essential Functions

All officers perform the following essential functions. Time devoted to each of these functions may vary according to assignment, shift, or departmental needs.

Detects and deters crime, using community policing techniques such as community education, problem-solving, law enforcement and presence in assigned areas using a motor vehicle, bicycle, or while on foot.

Stops motorists for traffic law offenses and takes appropriate enforcement action.

Investigates crime and traffic accidents by:

  • Interviewing victims and witnesses to gather detailed information. Interviewing and interrogating suspects in accordance with legal requirements.
  • Gathering and processing physical evidence and intelligence by a variety of methods, including; surveillance and contact with the public, drug testing, photography, video and audio recording, fingerprinting and bank, medical, computer, and utility record research.
  • Preparing affidavits for, and executing, search and arrest warrants.
  • Apprehending and arresting suspects.
  • Preparing required reports and documentation. Coordinating prosecution with attorneys. Preparing cases for trial, participating and testifying in court proceedings.
  • Directing and/or assisting other personnel at the scene of a crime, in the course of an investigation, or in performing other police services.
  • Acting as a resource for other personnel and departments in areas of specialized knowledge, training, or experience. May be called on to testify as an expert witness in those areas.

Provides community service in the areas of mediation, traffic control, crowd control, and ensuring peace in civil disputes. Reviews incidents to determine options in police response, alternative conflict resolution, or referral to other agencies.

Processes prisoners, including photographing, fingerprinting, and booking. Transports prisoners as required.

Reviews, analyzes and applies crime analysis data including recognition of crime trends and patterns and develop intervention methods. Executes and evaluates the plan with supervisor and other staff members.

Qualifications and Skills

Education and Experience

High School diploma or equivalent required. An Associate’s degree or equivalent of 90 quarter or 60 semester hours from an accredited college or university highly preferred.

Basic DPSST Certificate following completion of training, within 18 months of employment.