Police Officer

Wauwatosa, WI
Wauwatosa Police Department

At the Wauwatosa Police Department, our mission is dedicated service and protection for all, and our vision is to foster a safe and secure community through collaboration, trust, and exceptional police service. We want to hire individuals to serve as police officers to help contribute to that work.

Below, find information on how to apply for the position, our benefits, lateral transfer advantages, and other information for you to consider a career with the Wauwatosa Police Department. Applications open in mid-January 2022.


Current pay for a Wauwatosa Police Officer ranges from $58,550 to $82,286


Open Until Filled


The following duties shall not be construed as exclusive or inclusive.  Other related duties may be required and assigned.

  • Preserves the peace by responding to calls for assistance involving altercations between people, including but not limited to domestic disturbances, fighting, and neighborhood disputes; performs crowd and traffic control; enforces state and local laws and ordinances relating to keeping of the peace; provides foot patrol to residential and business areas in order to maintain community relations.
  • Protects life by responding to calls for service and emergency assistance; renders aid to the physically injured, handicapped, and others requiring assistance, including but not limited to victims of accidents, criminal incidents, and mental or physical disabilities; investigates safety hazards and takes action to correct potential problem areas, including road hazards, defects, and environmental hazards.
  • Protects property by performing security checks of residences and businesses, physically walking through residential areas and viewing all areas of buildings to ensure their physical integrity; observes potential of real hazards including but not limited to natural disasters, fires, alarms, gas leaks, hazardous material spills, roadway debris, and other structure and infrastructure defects, and take corrective action  by contacting proper authorities for assistance and/or securing areas through the use of barricades of other devices; takes found property into custody for safekeeping.
  • Investigates violations of state laws and local ordinances, and arrests violators using the degree of force necessary in accordance with state law and department policy; secures and protects crime scenes in order to identify and collect any physical evidence present; obtains descriptions of suspects and vehicles involved in crimes or criminal activity; enforces traffic laws on order to curtail violations which endanger lives and property, including excessive speed, driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs, and careless driving.
  • Prepares incident and accident reports, affidavits, citations, legal documents, memorandums, and other job-related forms and documents; prepares and testifies in court as to report information and action taken; uses computers to enter and query information as necessary in the performance of official duties.
  • Participates in job related training and courses to maintain skills, knowledge, and abilities necessary to perform duties and maintain law enforcement certification.
  • Maintains physical condition necessary to perform official duties and day to day operations, and to operate job related equipment, including lethal and non-lethal weapons, radios, handcuffs, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, crime scene kits, and other equipment as needed.
  • Performs service related activities including assistance to broken down, lost, or locked out motorists, animal complaints, nuisance calls, and other calls for service as warranted.
  • Drives and operates police vehicles in routine and emergency situations, including normal day to day driving, emergency responses to calls and high-speed pursuits of offending vehicles.