Police Officer

Mattoon, IL
Lake Land College

Job Summary: Provide campus-wide protection for all college patrons and LLC property. Possess the skills needed to enforce College policies and State lawn.

  • Provide written reports of incidents that occur on campus.
  • Provides for facility security.
  • Maintain order on campus pursuant to college policies and state law.
  • Patrol campus facilities.
  • Provide departmental services and maintain appropriate records.
  • Enforce college parking and traffic rules and regulations.
  • Maintain proficiency with departmental equipment.
  • Promotes positive community service and relations within the entire campus community.

Specific Functional Job Requirements

Education: High school diploma required. Associates degree preferred.

Experience: Familiar with community college environment. Acquisition of Illinois Police Certification. Grade level 12 for noncertified police officer. Completion of 12 month probationary period will move to level 13. Grade level 13 for certified police officer.

Knowledge: Principles and practices of community college environment.Possess skills needed to enforce college policy and state law.Efficient understanding of law enforcement vocabulary,including the standard 10-code.Able to express ideas clearly and effectively, both verbally and written.

Skills: Effective use of personal computer and related software. Operation of two-way radio and related equipment. Effectively use law enforcement weapons including, but not limited to, hand gun, taser, handcuffs,and pepper spray.

Personal: Able to relate to students,faculty and staff.Work within a team environment.Must be of good character and no record of conviction of a felony,or a crime,involving moral turpitude.

Physical: Capable of passing Police Training Institute endurance requirements. Ability to perform position responsibilities that entail physical labor and extended hours in the event of emergencies or adverse conditions.