Police Officer

Indianapolis, IN
Indianapolis Airport Police Department

The Indianapolis Airport Police Department is hiring Police Officers with a starting salary of $42,293 and a progressive salary structure reaching $56,448 by the 4th year. For more information on our agency, please contact us at IAPDhiring@ind.com.

Under the general direction and supervision of a Sergeant or higher authority, the Police Officer works independently in the performance of their regularly assigned duties. The Police Officer is responsible for the enforcement of airport ordinances, local, state, and federal regulations and is the primary responder to all law enforcement matters at the Indianapolis International Airport. The Police Officer is also charged with the protection of life and property of the general public within the Indianapolis Airport Authority’s jurisdiction, facilities, and personnel.


• Respond to all emergency situations, including, but not limited to, an injured person in the terminal, property or personal injury traffic accidents, industrial accidents, domestic disputes, crimes in progress, and airport security breaches
• Complete all necessary paperwork, explaining in detail, reports concerning arrests, property accidents, personal injuries, criminal investigations, responses to any emergency call, and activities related to police service performed and security breaches
• Respond in an appropriate manner to all emergency situations by providing first aid/CPR, gathering information, or using the appropriate amount of diplomacy or force necessary to neutralize the situation
• Enforce traffic laws to curtail violations by observing violations and issuing handwritten and/or electronic State of Indiana infractions, Indianapolis Airport Authority Ordinances, and City of Indianapolis Ordinances
• Investigates violations of state laws and arrests violators using the degree of force necessary within state law and department policy
• Conduct patrols on foot, in a police vehicle, on a bicycle, or a specialty vehicle while continuously monitoring radio traffic and other officers
• Assimilate information given at the beginning of the shift concerning current activities, anticipated problems, and general matters of observation
• Observe the perimeter fencing of the airfield, businesses, and residential areas by patrol car, looking for unusual situations or hazardous conditions
• Patrol all IAA own land, facilities, and municipality jurisdiction while remaining alert for suspicious situations or hazardous conditions
• Testify in court to provide an accurate account of investigation reports and findings
• Assist other law enforcement agencies whenever requested or by officer discretion
• Supports the Department’s CALEA culture
• Conduct escorts for VIPs
• Provide general information to the public and address any safety concerns expressed by citizens
• Performs other related duties as required



• Knowledge of crime detection, criminal investigation, accident investigation and court procedures
• Knowledge of criminal, traffic, civil laws and Indianapolis Airport Authority policies
• Skilled in the use of assigned equipment
• Ability to read, comprehend, retain, follow oral and written instructions, and speak and comprehend English
• Ability to exercise good judgment and make decisions
• Ability to work effectively with others
• Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing
• Ability to work alternate shifts
• Exercise self-discipline, listen, and analyze


• Operate a police vehicle in emergency and non-emergency situations
• Ability to operate firearms (pistols, shotguns, rifles), utilizing both hands individually and together
• Have full physical dexterity and agility needed to affect arrests, the physical ability to handle handcuffs, baton, taser, or other method of less lethal force to subdue resisting individuals, chase fleeing suspects, lift and carry equipment, injured persons, and force entry into buildings
• Operate law enforcement communications equipment such as mobile data terminal and police radio
• Operate office equipment, file, and store information
• The ability to see, hear, talk, and write
• Operate police investigative equipment such as cameras, radar gun, fingerprinting and ID devices
• Wear a uniform including a ballistic vest and duty belt with all required equipment
• Climb stairs/ladders, walk, kneel, crawl, sit, stand, stoop, bend, squat, push, pull, jump, run
• Lift up to 100 pounds
• Perform lifesaving procedures (CPR, etc.)


• Work independently or as a team
• Exposure to all types of weather and temperature conditions
• Office setting
• Uniform and non-uniform
• In a vehicle or on foot
• Exposure to hazardous chemicals and/or infectious/contagious diseases
• Exposure to high stress and life threatening situations