Police Officer

San Antonio, TX
Alamo Colleges District

Closing Date: 06/30/2024.

Position Summary:

Patrols and provides enforcement, detection and crime prevention duties in the protection, safety and welfare of faculty, staff, students, visitors and all property within the area under the control and jurisdiction of Alamo Colleges District.

Essential Functions:

  • Adheres to and enforces city, state, federal laws, Alamo Colleges District’s regulations and written directives. Makes ethical decisions that conform to applicable laws, departmental policy, regulations, etc., without supervision when appropriate. Recognizes the need for supervisory intervention and seeks it when needed; keeps supervisor informed of relevant activity.
  • Works well with public and coworkers daily, communicates effectively via police radio, telephone, and in person, with citizens, coworkers, supervisors, and instructors, without bias; maintains alertness, composure, helpful attitude and professionalism in all circumstances, including stress, verbal abuse, criticism, and/or other adverse conditions.
  • Performs foot, bike or mobile patrols to prevent crime, protect life and property, and ensure security of district buildings and lots. Searches persons/vehicles for weapons, evidence, and contraband; arrests and transports individuals to jail as needed. Directs or controls traffic; sets up roadblocks; and removes from roadway objects posing traffic hazards, i.e., debris, tree limbs, dead animals. May physically restrain individuals in mutual combat, pushing or shoving (crowd control), those under the influence of hallucinogens or other behavior altering drugs, or those suffering from psychosis or other violent mental disorder.
  • Conducts accurate, thorough, and complete investigations; recognizes, identifies, and preserves crime scenes.
  • Provides police services and assistance including providing escort service for personnel or special vehicles. Assists outside law enforcement agencies when requested.
  • Attends all courts as scheduled or requested; verbally articulates testimony in court.
  • Provides field training for new recruits.
  • Completes all reports and paperwork promptly, legibly, accurately, thoroughly, neatly, and with correct grammar and spelling.
  • Develops, utilizes and recommends methods for work improvement.
  • Performs monthly vehicle inspections including, but not limited to fluid levels; lighting; radio and other miscellaneous equipment; interior and exterior condition; tire pressure, tread depth and condition; and general operation.
  • Administers first aid in emergency medical situations.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


  • Graduation from high school or equivalent (GED).
  • Must possess and maintain a valid Texas driver license. Must be insurable through the organization’s insurers.
  • Licensed as a peace officer by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) or have successfully completed the TCOLE reactivation examination two or more years ago.
  • Prefer Basic Peace Officer certification by the TCOLE.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Associate’s degree.
  • Two years of experience as a licensed peace officer.