Police Officer

Prior Lake, MN
Prior Lake Police Department

Salary/Pay Rate:
$32.80 – $45.55/hr

Performs daily activities for the purposes of protecting lives and property; preventing, detecting and investigating crime; enforcing laws and ordinances; and maintaining public order throughout the city.

• Engage in critical decision-making, often under acute stress, to deliver police services as described below.
• Responds on or off duty to police calls and/or emergencies as directed.
• Deters and detects unlawful activities by effective police work. Includes patrolling assigned areas, checking for suspicious activities, actively seeking wanted persons or property.
• Respond to and effectively handle police calls for assistance. Properly investigates complaints, maintain order in disputes.
• Respond to and handles medical and police emergencies. Provides rescue help and emergency first aid treatment as necessary. Provide support to Fire Department personnel as necessary and as directed by leadership.
• Apprehends violators. Performs investigation work, including the identification and gathering of evidence, questioning victims, suspects and witnesses, following up on related leads, etc. Takes written and oral statements from victims and witnesses.
• Arrests and processes suspects, documents evidence, appears and/or testifies in court as required.
• Monitors and ensures proper flow of traffic. Directs traffic as needed, reports hazardous conditions, gives warnings and issues citations. Enforces parking ordinances, reports abandoned or damaged vehicles, and assists stranded motorists.
• Investigates and prepares reports on traffic accidents, financial crimes and serious offenses as directed. Gathers evidence from involved parties and witnesses, prepares diagrams of the scene and reports for police records as applicable.

Education and Experience:
• Associates degree in law enforcement (or those who have peace officer experience in another state or the military and have been working in law enforcement within the past six years qualify without having to complete additional education per the MN Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training). Bachelor’s degree is preferred.
• Must comply with the minimum selection standards set by the Minnesota Board of Peace Officers Standards and Training.

Certificates/Licenses Required:
• MN POST License.
• Valid Minnesota driver’s license