Police Dispatcher Professional I

Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department


$57,723.48 – $85,444.92 Annually

Closing Date
6/6/2023 3:00 PM Pacific

Incumbents relay information between 9-1-1 callers and police officers; dispatch officers and track officer activity in order to secure the safety of the officer and the facts of the situation.


  1. Exemplify the Department values, both on and off duty.
  2. Dispatch emergency and backup units as necessary; maintain compliance with established procedures for operating a computer aided dispatch system (CAD); obtain and relay estimated arrival times for units and other agencies; read and relay geographical directions for citizens, units and other agencies.
  3. Maintain contact with all units on assignment; maintain status and location of law enforcement units, including conducting roll call as needed; verify and relay information between various units of the LVMPD, citizens, and others as appropriate; initiate, broadcast, and cancel code reds as needed; broadcast pertinent information pertaining to officer safety and to aid in the apprehension of suspects.
  4. Receive the officers’ direct line to Dispatch; place phone calls for officers as requested; make a variety of emergency and non-emergency call outs.
  5. Brief the relief dispatcher and/or Communications Supervisor of any unusual situations or information that applies to the channel; become familiar with channel activity prior to relieving the channel; advise supervisor of any multi-jurisdictional event in order to determine the need for an interoperable channel.
  6. Complete manual mode cards for service should the CAD system fails.
  7. Receive and process emergency and non-emergency service calls from the public requesting law enforcement or other support services; determine nature, location, and priority of incident; recall citizens as necessary.
  8. Display blank incident format on CAD terminal to ensure 9-1-1 displays of address and phone numbers; enter incident reports into the computer system or appropriately refer citizen; input addresses, locations, citizen information, and other pertinent information; update or cancel events as needed; document errors.
  9. Transfer calls to appropriate agencies; answer calls from other agencies as needed; request fire, medical, tow, or community service agency services as needed; relay information pertaining to roadway conditions to the relevant agencies.
  10. Log on and off phone equipment or CAD system as appropriate; override CAD codes to change event status as needed; log units on and off system.

Training, Education and Experience

  • Must demonstrate a minimum typing speed of 35 net wpm (after errors).
  • Possession of a high school diploma or General Education Diploma (GED).
  • Be a citizen/naturalized citizen or permanent resident alien without conditions on status of the United States of America by the date of the first test instrument.
  • Be at least 18 years old by the date of the first test instrument.
  • One year of work experience is desirable.