Police Crime Prevention Specialist

Danville, VA
Danville Police Department

The purpose of this position is to develop, coordinate, and implement a variety of crime prevention, safety, and community relations programs for the Danville Police Department. This is accomplished by assisting in the development and implementation of crime prevention strategies; identifying and organizing various resources to effect crime prevention activities; analyzing crime data and statistics and disseminating information to different citizen groups, media, agencies, and department units; developing educational programs relating to crime prevention; making written and verbal presentations to the public, civic, school, and church groups; producing quality graphics and text for pamphlets, brochures, and other departmental educational literature; and serving as the liaison between Police Department and community groups and markets crime prevention plans. Other duties include providing direct or indirect service to the citizens as assigned.

Salary: $49,066.00 – $58,879.00 Annually


Grant Writing duties include – Preparing grant proposals through research and project scope development. The development of the Grant Writer's project proposal requires a familiarization with and inclusion of the Department's programs, goals, and financial needs with an eye for potential funding sources. Developed proposals are submitted for review prior to application submission. The Grant writer must also keep careful records to track proposals. Additional information shall be supplied by the grant writer upon requests.

Public Information Officer – Connecting government to citizens through traditional media, digital media, and social media; engage City employees; and maintain media relations. Communicating critical information effectively to the public. Write press releases and prepare information for distribution by media outlets. Responding to requests for information from media outlets. Maintaining a social media presence may be part of the duties. The position may require you to work long hours on an irregular schedule, especially when publicized situations or incidents affect the Danville Police Department.


Formal Education

Work requires broad knowledge in a general professional or technical
field. Knowledge is normally acquired through four years of college
resulting in a Bachelor's degree or equivalent.


Over three years up to and including five years.


Work requires the occasional direction of helpers, assistants, seasonal
employees, interns, or temporary employees.