Police Academy Attendee (payroll title: Police Recruit Trainee)

San Leandro, CA
City of San Leandro

This is a trainee level classification without peace officer powers, rights or privileges. Incumbent must graduate from the assigned, or currently enrolled POST Basic Police Academy, at which point, upon recommendation by the Police Chief, may be appointed to and sworn in as a probationary, entry-level, Police Officer.

This classification is distinguished from Police Officer in that the latter is the fully-certified and trained level of the sworn series, fully capable of carrying out assigned duties on an independent basis. Police Academy Attendee (Recruit Trainee) benefits are limited to those outlined under the San Leandro Confidential Employees’ Compensation Plan.



$6,074.00 – $7,384.00 Monthly




• Attends and successfully completes a State of California POST-certified Basic Police Academy designed to provide an overview of the Criminal Justice System which includes training in various laws, police procedures, law enforcement techniques, first aid, weapons, and physical fitness;
• Understands and is able to carry out oral and written directions;
• Meets standards of physical stature, endurance, and agility established by the City;
• Observes and accurately and remember names, faces, numbers, incidents, and places;
• Uses and cares for firearms;
• Thinks and acts quickly in emergencies, and judges situations and people accurately;
• Learns, understands, and interprets laws and regulations;
• Prepares accurate and grammatically correct written reports;
• Learns standard broadcasting procedures of a Police radio system; and
• Performs related duties as assigned.

Educational requirements:

High school diploma or legal equivalent (GED) and completion of sixty (semester) college units or ninety (quarter) college units.

Experience requirements:

Must be eligible and currently enrolled in a State of California POST-certified Basic Police Academy. Successful completion of a State of California POST Police Academy is a condition of employment.

Desired Skills:

Knowledge of:
Acquire a working knowledge of basic law enforcement terminology and concepts, public relations, and report writing;

Acquire a working knowledge of Vehicle and Penal Codes; laws of arrest, rules of evidence, legal rights of citizens, and court procedures; and

Acquire a working knowledge of techniques for dealing with people of all socio-economic levels under hostile and emergency situations.

Ability to:
Successfully complete a State of California POST-certified Basic Police Academy;

Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing;

Observe accurately and remembers faces, numbers, incidents and places;

Use and care for firearms and small equipment;

Learn, understand, and interpret laws and regulations;

Prepare accurate and grammatically correct written reports;

Respond to emergency and problem situations in an effective manner;

Understand, explain, and apply policies and procedures;

Make clear and concise radio transmissions;

Understand and follow verbal and written directions;

Deal constructively with conflict and develop effective resolutions; and

Establish and maintains cooperative work relationships.


Must be 21 years of age or older.

Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident alien who is eligible and has applied for citizenship.

Upon successful completion of the State of California POST Basic Police Academy, must possess a valid POST Basic Law Enforcement Academy Certification of Completion at the time of appointment to Police Officer classification.

Record must be free from any felony convictions, or any convictions that would bar the applicant from legally possessing a firearm.

At time of appointment as a Police Academy Attendee (Recruit Trainee), applicant must pass a comprehensive background check and be willing to work such hours and locations as are necessary to accomplish the job requirements; travel to attend meetings, seminars and conferences. Classification requires the possession and continued maintenance of a valid class "C" California driver's license.