Patrol Deputy Sheriff

Hillsville, VA
Carroll County Sheriff

A patrol deputy sheriff is responsible for the efficient performance of required duties conforming to the rules, regulations, and general orders contained herein. Duties shall consist of, but are not limited to, general law enforcement responsibilities necessary to the safety and good order of the community. A deputy sheriff shall

  • Identify criminal offenders and criminal activity and, where appropriate, apprehend offenders and participate in subsequent court proceedings.
  • Reduce the opportunities for the commission of crime through preventive patrol and other measures.
  • Aid people who are in danger of physical harm.
  • Facilitate the movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
  • Identify potentially serious law enforcement or governmental problems.
  • Promote and preserve the peace.
  • Provide emergency services.


  • Some knowledge of the philosophy, objectives and practices of counseling, particularly as related to juveniles;
  • Knowledge of investigative techniques and techniques of identification;
  • General knowledge of rules of evidence and laws of search and seizure;
  • Ability to deal effectively with juveniles and adults;
  • Ability to analyze evidence;
  • Ability to question and interview skillfully;
  • Ability to organize and prepare clear and concise oral and written reports;
  • Skill in the use of firearms and police equipment;
  • Possession of physical ability and endurance;
  • Ability to establish effective working relationships with juveniles, parents, school officials, fellow workers and the public;
  • Physically fit.