OPS – Special Agent

Pensacola, FL
Florida Department of Lottery

This is an entry level law enforcement position involving duties pursuant to Chapter 24, Florida Statutes. The incumbent’s primary responsibilities is to provide protective services inclusive of patrol, access control, criminal arrests and investigations relating to the security of Florida Lottery District Offices.

Salary: $27.00- $30.00 per hour

Posting Closing Date: 12/08/2019



• Each employee is expected to be knowledgeable of the Lottery’s Responsible Gaming program, including the No Underage Play and Play Within Your Means messaging, and will ensure retailers and players are aware of the program and provided information, as necessary.
• Operates and monitors sophisticated surveillance, alarm, and intrusion detections systems for their assigned District Office.
• Initiates follow-up and logs appropriate information to explain alarm conditions.
• Initiates appropriate response to breaches of security at district offices.
• Provides uniformed, armed protective service for their assigned District Office and grounds by performing patrol of assigned area.
• Assumes a fixed post at exterior doors during district office operating hours as necessary to prevent unauthorized entry.
• Controls entry at the main interior entry locations.
• Provides escorts for district office delivery and service personnel or assign as appropriate.
• General Investigations –Enforces applicable Florida Statutes, collects evidence; prepares investigative reports; makes arrests; and performs other actions necessary to bring these investigations to a logical conclusion at Florida Lottery District Offices. Works with department staff, federal/state/county/municipal law enforcement agencies and representatives to conduct cooperative investigations.
• Performs other related duties as appropriate or assigned by management.
• Attendance is an essential function of the position.
• Conveys information to local law enforcement authorities; assists local, state or other law enforcement agencies; assists in the enhancement of the Division’s community policing and crime prevention efforts.
• Gives testimony in courts of law pertaining to investigations regarding evidence obtained.
• Mutual Aid Assignment – Pursuant to F. S. 23.121, the incumbent will respond to and participate in the Florida Mutual Aid program in a law enforcement capacity to assist other government or local agencies as specified by Mutual Aid agreements.
• Special Events – Provides Security Division support at special events and various promotional events as necessary or requested in their assigned district.
• Security Escort Service – May provide security escort service to specified or designated winners within Florida Lottery offices during the winner validation process; provides security for District Office daily deposits at financial institution.
• Training - Attends and completes 40 hours, every four (4) years, of training courses for mandatory retraining necessary to maintain certification as an active law enforcement officer.
• Evidence Control – Responsible for supervising the chain of custody relating to property and evidence. Receives, logs, packages, stores, inventories, issues and assists in the release or disposal of adjudicated materials. Releases, documents and issues evidence for the purpose of performing laboratory tests or providing testimony in court. Stores evidence in conjunction with law enforcement investigations and prosecutions, including related work as required.


  • Candidates must have graduated from a Florida law enforcement academy, passed the Florida law enforcement certification exam and their certification must be such that they can be hired as a law enforcement officer at this time. (Corrections certification does not meet this requirement)
  • Any person employed in this class must show evidence of complying with the provisions of Chapter 943, Florida Statutes, as follows:
  • Is at least 19 years of age.
  • Is a United States citizen.
  • Has a high school diploma or its equivalent as the term may be determined by the Criminal
  • Justice Standards and Training Commission within the Department of Law Enforcement.
  • Has not, at any time, been convicted (adjudicated guilty) of any felony; has not been convicted (adjudicated guilty) of a misdemeanor involving perjury or a false statement.
  • Has not, after July 1, 1981, pled guilty or nolo contendere to, or been found guilty of, any felony (regardless of suspended sentence or withheld adjudication); has not, after July 1, 1981, pled guilty or nolo contendere to, or been found guilty of, a misdemeanor involving perjury or a false statement (regardless of suspended sentence or withheld adjudication).
  • Was not dishonorably discharged from any of the U.S. Armed Forces.
  • Has processed fingerprints on file with the Department of the Lottery.
  • Has passed a physical examination by a licensed physician, based on specifications established by the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission.
  • Has a good moral character as determined by a background investigation which included the analysis of a urine sample furnished by the applicant for evidence of controlled substances as specified in Rule 11B-27.0022, Florida Administrative Code.
  • Has executed and submitted an Affidavit of Applicant Form.
  • Has completed a basic recruit course of training established by the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission in accordance with Florida Law or be exempt under Chapter 943, Florida Statutes.
  • Has achieved an acceptable score on the officer certification examination.
  • Complies with the continuing training or education requirements of Chapter 943, Florida Statutes.