Maintenance Officer (Correctional Facility)

Harford County, MD
Harford County Sheriff's Office

$21.03 Hourly

Nature of Work
Troubleshoot, inspect, repair and perform preventative maintenance on security mechanisms, plumbing equipment, electrical devices, and air conditioning and heating systems; oversee contractors who come in to perform repairs; supervise inmates on details; perform other duties as assigned.


Examples of Duties

  1. Troubleshoot, inspect, repair and replace security mechanisms, including door locks, sliding gates, card readers, etc.
  2. Troubleshoot, inspect, repair and replace CCTV cameras, Desa DVR recording system, TOA intercom system, GateKeeper Access Control System, including card readers.
  3. Troubleshoot, inspect, repair and replace plumbing devices; unclog sanitation drains to remove obstructions.
  4. Troubleshoot, inspect, repair and replace or install electrical devices, wiring circuits to include wall receptacles and switches, circuit breakers, lighting fixtures, etc.
  5. Troubleshoot, inspect, and repair, if possible, the combination air conditioning/heating rooftop units, boilers, hot water heaters and all associated piping.
  6. Oversee contractors who come to perform requested service, repairs or installations.
  7. Supervise inmates during various details including landscaping, mowing, changing fixtures like light bulbs, floor or ceiling tiles, snow removal, etc.
  8. Maintain inventory of tools.
  9. Keep supervisor and relevant others informed of issues in a timely fashion.
  10. Maintain positive relationships with detention center staff, vendors, contractors and inmates.
  11. Keep informed on current maintenance practices by attending workshops and educational programs or reading specialized literature.
  12. Attend meetings and participates in various teams when needed.
  13. Perform other duties as assigned.