Law Enforcement Deputy

Bradenton, FL
Manatee County Sheriff's Office

Performs certified sworn law enforcement and crime prevention work protecting the lives, property, and rights of the public in Manatee County through the enforcement of federal/state criminal laws, traffic laws, administrative rules, and county ordinances. Assignments include rotating shift schedules in any of the divisions of the Sheriff’s Office required to provide deterrence, detection, pursuit, investigation of crimes and apprehension and arrest of law violators or suspected law violators.

$49,706.28 – $79,646.32 Annually


• Patrols assigned areas and conducts surveillance to prevent and detect criminal activity.
• Enforces local, state, and federal laws, including compliance with regulations, policies, and procedures. Issues warnings/citations, administers field tests, and makes arrests as necessary.
• Monitors dispatch and responds to emergency and routine calls for assistance, including traffic crashes, criminal actions in progress, emergency medical assistance, and domestic complaints. Administer basic first aid and/or CPR, and calls for necessary assistance.
• Conducts investigations of complaints, crimes, and disturbances; interviews witnesses; interrogates suspects; collects, preserves and reports on evidence.
• Foresees potential danger and eliminates or controls it. Performs police activity without injuring self or others. Provides backup to other law enforcement personnel.
• Prepares reports and keeps records of all activities in accordance with established policy and procedures.
• Assesses situations, secures scene, and restores order including the use of restraints and force whereappropriate up to and including deadly force.
• Provides accurate and clear law enforcement information to the public, secures people or property, participates in community policing and awareness projects, conducts presentations.
• Serves legal papers including; warrants, civil process, evictions and subpoenas. Appears and testifies at court hearings on behalf of the Sheriff's Office.
• Operates computerized management information systems to retrieve or enter information.
• Successfully completes all assignments to specifications, within specified timeframe and budget as directed and in accordance with agency policies and regulations. Performs other related duties as assigned.


Minimum Qualifications
• High School Diploma or Equivalent (GED)
• L/E Certified
• Valid Florida Driver's License
• Qualify and maintain firearms proficiency