Lateral Police Officers

Tukwila, WA
Tukwila Police Department
Salary: $80,736

We are actively hiring and looking to hire at least three more lateral officers!

LATERAL CANDIDATES! – $5,000 hiring bonus for qualified laterals. $80,736/year starting salary

LATERAL ENTRY – Continuous testing is conducted for Lateral Entry Police Officers. For out of state lateral entry candidates, we cover the cost of airfare and lodging to participate in the testing process. We are currently offering a $5,000.00 signing bonus to qualified lateral candidates. Follow this link to apply. Testing for lateral entry candidates consists of a pre-screen phone interview, written exam, oral board, background investigation, polygraph examination, written and oral psychological exams and a medical exam. The testing is scheduled at your convenience.

To be eligible as a lateral entry candidate, you must meet the following requirements;

Must have been employed as a commissioned officer on a full-time basis for a period of time exceeding 18 of the last 36 months at time of application and appointment.
Academy training that meets the requirements to participate in the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center’s (WSCJTC) Equivalency Academy as outlined here by the WSCJTC.



Patrol officers work a set 12-hour 3 on 3 off/4 on 4 off schedule. Shift rotations are 6 months in length and shift bidding is by seniority. The way the schedule works is that you always have the same work days during the week with the exception of every other Saturday for the duration of the rotation.

Specialty Assignments work a 10-hour 4 day schedule.

Salary and Benefits

Entry-Level officers start at Police Officer (PO) 5. Lateral-entry officers start at Police Officer (PO) 3.

PO 5 – $6,081 Entry-Level

PO 4 – $6,402

PO3 – $6,728 Lateral-Entry

PO2 – $7,058

PO 1 – $7,412

Education Incentive Pay

-2% A.A. or A.S. degree (approved field of study)

-4% B.A. or B.S. degree (approved field of study)

Specialty Pay

-5% specialty pay for specialty assignments (SWAT, Community Police Team (CPT), Major Crimes Unit (MCU), Traffic Unit, Tukwila Anti-Crime Team (TAC), K-9, School Resource Officer (SRO), Taskforce, PIO/Recruiter, Training Coordinator.


Vacation – 96 hours accrued annually at 4 hours per pay-period.

Sick Leave – 96 hours annually (Effective upon hire). After 12th month, sick leave is accrued at 8 hours per month (4 per pay period). Max of 720 hours (90 days) of sick leave accrual.

Holiday Bank – 128 holiday bank hours annually. Patrol officers may use these hours as leave time or receive pay in lieu of time off or a combination of both.


-City paid medical premiums for medical/dental/optical healthcare plans.

-Benefits effective at hire date

-City self-insured policy through HMA or Kaiser Permanente

-Domestic partners are eligible for benefits



Uniforms & Equipment

-All uniforms and equipment are supplied by the department including duty belt/pouches, hats, boots, flashlight, vest, firearms, handcuffs, ammo.

-Jumpsuit will be provided as an option at the completion of probation.

-$250 dry cleaning allowance provided annually.

-Glock 22 in .40 and patrol rifle are issued to all officers.

-Taser X26P or X2 are issued to all officers

-External load-bearing vests are authorized for duty wear. They must be purchased by the officer however through the department vendor.


-Entry-level officers must attend the WSCJTC Basic Training academy upon hire.

-Lateral-entry officers must attend a 2-week WSCJTC Equivalency academy within 6 months of hire.

-Officers have the option to attend twice weekly optional Gracie Survival Tactics (GST) training sessions taught by our GST certified instructors.

-Officers are allowed to work out on-duty at the Tukwila Police Department gym.

-Firearms, Defensive Tactics, Gracie Survival Tactics, CPR/1st Aid, EVOC, Law, Active Shooter and other trainings are conducted throughout the year.

-Officers may submit requests to attend training sessions, workshops and training opportunities hosted by the WSCJTC or outside training companies.