Lateral Police Officer

Baltimore, MD
Johns Hopkins University

Salary: $70,000.

Position Summary:

Police Officers work in a team environment with integrity, professionalism, humanity, and courage to protect the lives and property of the Johns Hopkins community. Johns Hopkins Police Officers regularly engage with students, faculty, staff, and visitors in a variety of ways in order to provide services and information needed. Johns Hopkins Police Officers provide campus police services to the Homewood Campus, East Baltimore Campus, and Peabody Campus where officers will be assigned to work. They will ensure JHPD is a leader in the provision of responsive, quality and customer service-oriented policing.

Essential Functions:

  • Represents the JHPD’s vision, mission and values when interacting with university, community, advocacy groups, and coordinates JHPD resources and activities via direction from their supervision to address concerns about university and community issues.
  • Provides the full level of law enforcement work, enforcing laws, rules and regulations governing the safety and protection of individuals, building and property. Performs simple and complex problem-solving projects designed to enhance safety and prevent or reduce harm.
  • Ensures priorities and community policing strategies for the patrol area are properly implemented. Patrols designated areas by vehicle, bicycle and foot to identify and report safety hazards, detect prioritized violations of laws and ordinances, and identify wanted vehicles, persons, and unusual conditions.
  • Maintains a visible presence to serve as a positive resource and actively develop relationships with community stakeholders to successfully implement initiatives to deter crime.
  • Responds to calls for assistance and emergency service and takes appropriate action; de-escalates situations as reasonable and appropriate; engages other necessary levels of response to ensure safety of community.
  • Coordinates and cooperates with Campus Safety and Security Command Staff in the preliminary and follow-up investigations of complaints, reported criminal offenses, and disruptions.
  • Conducts the investigation of incidents reported on the shift.
  • Coordinates preliminary investigative activities at a crime scene or significant or unusual event until the arrival of an investigative entity.
  • Interacts with university community and establishes a rapport with the surrounding communities.
  • Directs traffic and assists with crowd control.
  • Provides the public with safety information and conducts community related public safety programs.
  • Participates as instructed in specialized unit activities such as crime prevention, recertification instruction, criminal investigations, or special events.
  • Inspects and maintains assigned equipment and clothing. Operates and utilizes various types of law enforcement equipment such as self-defense tools.
  • Performs or assists in collection and preservation of evidence.
  • Conducts or assists with serving warrants and summonses.
  • Prepares or assists with cases for court, including testifying in court when necessary.
  • Collaborates with local and state law enforcement agencies when needed.
  • Performs office duties such as answering telephones, dispatching, issuance of parking permits and providing general information.
  • Maintains visitor logs.
  • Performs related duties as assigned.


  • High School Diploma or GED.
  • Must be at least 20 ½ years of age.
  • Two years of service with a full-service law enforcement agency at the time of application.
  • Must have current MPCTC certification or have been MPCTC certified within the last two (2) years or- satisfy Comparative Compliance standards.
  • Must be a citizen of the United States or a permanent legal resident of the United States
  • Must not have been convicted of a felony.
  • Must demonstrate physical ability to perform job.
  • Must work weekends, holidays, rotating shifts, on-call, and as needed.
  • Must possess and maintain a Valid Driver’s License.
  • Successfully pass written exam and oral interview.