Lateral Police Officer

Brooklyn Park, MN
Brooklyn Park Police Department

$78,956.80 – $113,110.40 Annually

Position Summary
Brooklyn Park Police Department is currently seeking lateral officers. The academy and field training process will be condensed based upon your prior law enforcement experience.

The 107 sworn officers that serve the community of Brooklyn Park with professionalism, integrity, and honor are openly supported by our residents, elected officials, and city administration.

The primary responsibility of this position is to preserve law and order; to protect life and property and enforce laws and ordinances in a manner consistent with the mission and goals of the Brooklyn Park Police Department and to create problem-solving relationships with the citizens using a thorough knowledge of the department’s community-oriented policing philosophy.

Brooklyn Park Police officers must demonstrate their commitment to our core values of Service, Justice and Courage. Candidates must have a desire to provide professional and impartial service to our diverse community. Candidates must uphold the principles of justice and demonstrate courage, integrity, and honor in all their actions.

Sign-on Bonuses
We are offering a $5,000 sign-on bonus to lateral officer candidates who have been employed as a full-time police officer within the last 12-months, with at least one-year of full-time licensed police officer experience. $2,500 will be paid with your first paycheck, and $2,500 will be paid upon successful completion of field training.

Anticipated Hiring Wage for 2023
$37.96 – $47.45 per hour for lateral candidates ($78,956.80 – $98,696 per year)
Consideration will be given for special assignments previously held, such as SWAT, DT instructor, etc., size of the agency the candidate is transferring from and their annual calls for service. Based upon the candidate’s prior experience and education, they will receive service credits that help increase earning potential.

Vacation Time
Lateral officers will receive 48 hours of front-loaded vacation time. With department approval, lateral officers may be placed on the vacation accrual schedule recognizing up to four years of prior service.

Sick Time
Newly hired officers will also receive 48 hours of front-loaded sick time.

The Brooklyn Park Police Department also offers progressive equipment, such as external vest carriers. The department has a strong focus on overall officer wellness including workout on duty in a fully equipped onsite fitness facility.

If you are looking for exciting growth opportunities, we have canine officers, SWAT, general and juvenile investigations, community outreach, narcotics and many more positions. Candidates would be eligible for all special assignments and promotions after they successfully complete field training.

More information regarding the opportunities and benefits of being a police officer in Brooklyn Park is on our website at


Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Enforce city ordinances, state and federal laws in a fair and uniform manner that promotes and provides for public safety; investigate violations in a fair, impartial and just manner and according to established department policies and procedures
  • Pro-actively patrol assigned areas; recognize and seek to resolve neighborhood issues that adversely affect public safety and livability
  • Initiate and foster positive community relationships with businesses, community residents, and visitors
  • Promote crime prevention awareness and successful prevention strategies
  • Respond to all emergency calls and traffic accidents; administer first aid
  • Conduct searches of persons and places as required
  • Make arrests and safely transport prisoners
  • Maintain order at crime scenes, disturbances or accidents; interview witnesses and interrogate suspects; collect and preserve evidence
  • Appropriately use assigned equipment such as firearms, automobiles, computers, radios, radar, etc. in a safe and responsible manner
  • Appropriately communicate information using computers, police radios, phones, email, and other technologies
  • Prepare clear, accurate and timely reports
  • Testify and present evidence in criminal and civil legal proceedings
  • Serve warrants, subpoenas, and orders as directed by the court system
  • Perform duties in a manner that promotes the legitimacy of the department to serve everyone in the community
  • Commit and contribute to the success of the City’s initiative to enhance the quality of life in Brooklyn Park
  • Participate and assist in training or extra activities beyond routine police functions
  • Performs other duties as assigned or apparent

Minimum and Desired Qualifications
Minimum Qualifications

  • Be a United States citizen
  • Must meet educational requirements or reciprocity standards of the Minnesota POST Board
  • Must be a licensed MN Peace Officer or eligible to be licensed by the State of Minnesota pursuant to MN Administrative Rules, Chapter 6700.  Eligible to be licensed is defined as having completed the academic and skills training required by state statutes
  • Trained in first aid and achieved a First Responder, or higher-level certification, as recorded by the Minnesota EMS Regulatory Board, or an equivalent first aid/first responder certification from another state
  • Possess a valid driver’s license from this or another state or U.S. territory
  • Eligible to carry a firearm in Minnesota; reference MN Statute 624.713
  • Minimum vision correctable to 20/20 in each eye
  • Successfully pass a drug test
  • Must be physically, medically, emotionally, and psychologically fit for full police duty. Fitness for duty is assessed by the City’s occupational physicians and police psychologists after a conditional job offer is made
  • Successfully pass a background investigation with no bars to peace officer licensure in Minnesota
  • Convictions of the following WILL result in the rejection of police applicants: reference Minnesota Administrative Rule 6700.0700, subpart E and F (1-4).
  • Must have at least one-year full-time experience as a police officer
  • Must have successfully passed the probationary period at your current department
  • Must not have received discipline which resulted in the loss of pay or benefits within the last year

Desired Qualifications

  • Previous experience as a volunteer
  • Previous experience working with youth, the disabled community, the elderly, or with drug/alcohol intervention issues
  • Fluency in a second language other than English that is represented in the population of Brooklyn Park
  • Demonstrated commitment to a healthy lifestyle that includes an ongoing fitness plan/regimen
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Previous experience working in a public law enforcement agency serving a diverse population

Additional Information
Additional Requirements
Applicants must successfully pass all selection process events to include a fitness test, a comprehensive and thorough background investigation, a psychological exam, a medical exam and a drug test.

Fitness Entrance Exam
Must complete fitness entrance exam as established by the Brooklyn Park Police Department (BPPD) for consideration in moving forward in the hiring process. Employees will also be expected to pass Academy fitness standards set by the BPPD to graduate from the Academy.

Fitness Standards
1.5 Mile Run (min/sec) 15:30
300 Meter Run (secs) 67
1 Minute Sit Up Test (#) 30
1 Minute Push Up Test (#) 15

Anticipated Work Schedule  
Full-time, non-exempt, union position subject to a work schedule that includes a 12-hour work shift, to include evening, weekday, weekend and holiday hours.

About Brooklyn Park
Brooklyn Park, a thriving northwestern suburb of Minneapolis, is the sixth largest city in the state with over 86,000 residents and 30,000 jobs. 107 sworn officers serve the community of Brooklyn Park. As the 11th fastest growing city in Minnesota, the city has become even more vibrant because of our remarkable racial and cultural diversity. Fifty-four percent of residents are people of color, 22 percent are foreign-born, and more than a quarter speaks a language other than English at home.

We welcome applications from all individuals, including (but not limited to): people of all abilities, persons of color, Veterans, LGBTQ and women.  If you need these materials in an alternate format or if you have a disability and need assistance with the application process, please contact Janis Lajon at either 763-493-8016 or via e-mail at