Lateral Deputy

Newport, WA
Pend Oreille County Civil Service Office

Deputies are responsible for the preservation of the public peace, protection of life and property, prevention of crime, investigation of crimes, the arrest of violators of the law, the proper enforcement of all laws and ordinances of the County, State and the United States, and adherence to the Sheriff’s Rules, Regulations and Procedures.

Number of vacancies: Two (2).

SALARY & BENEFITS: Union, vacation, sick leave, paid holidays, longevity, retirement plan, and medical benefits. Starting salary: Step 2, $5,143.52/month to Step 4, $5,554.06/month, DOE.


Deputies are required to be capable of, and to perform on a routine basis if necessary, a variety of vigorous physical, emotionally stressful and intellectually challenging tasks involving personal risk, that include, but are not limited to the following:
1. The use of physical force in pursuing, apprehending, disarming, controlling and arresting armed and violent offenders;
2. The use of deadly force against another person in the defense of self or others;
3. The operation of motor vehicles under emergency circumstances, on a variety of road surfaces and conditions;
4. The use of a variety of weapons, including firearms, and other defensive devises under adverse lighting and weather conditions;
5. Render first aid and CPR to persons in need;
6. Investigate complex crimes, sometimes of a gruesome or repulsive nature, including the collection, preservation and storage of physical evidence, and the interview and interrogation of witnesses and suspects;
7. Prepare reports on crimes investigated;
8. Present evidence and testimony in legal and administrative proceedings;
9. Participate in search and rescue operations that may require walking long distances across rugged terrain and carrying injured persons to safety;
10. Adhere strictly to the law enforcement code of ethics; and
11. Other duties as assigned by a supervisor or superior officer.


  1. Pend Oreille County Deputies are RESIDENT DEPUTIES. Therefore, if offered a position, relocation anywhere within Pend Oreille County at the Sheriff’s request in accordance with the department’s needs, is requiredYou do not need to be a resident to apply.
  2. Must be a U.S. citizen or a lawful permanent resident at time of appointment.
  3. Must speak, read, write legibly and spell correctly in the English language.
  4. Must possess a High School diploma or equivalent.
  5. Must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age at time of appointment.
  6. Normal height and weight according to military standards, proportional and sufficient for physical restraint of suspects or arrestees.
  7. Vision must be at least 20/100 corrected to 20/20 with no color blindness.
  8. Must possess and maintain a valid vehicle operator’s license.
  9. Upon passing the Civil Service Test, applications forwarded to the Sheriff’s Office (certified applicants) will be subject to additional testing by the Sheriff’s Office including, but not limited to, a thorough criminal history check, a polygraph, physical (medical) check, and psychological tests.
  10. Must have been employed 24 months out of the last 36 months as a full-time state, county or municipal police officer. Must have attended and successfully completed the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Academy or have an equivalent certification from another state approved basic law enforcement academy. Any out-of-state applicant who has not completed the Wash. State Criminal Justice Training Academy must successfully pass the state’s equivalency test during the initial 12 months of employment.